26-year-old Vietnamese girl and 72-year-old American CEO in a controversial and luxurious wedding

In life, couples with too large age gaps will always cause a lot of controversy. In Vietnam, a 26-year-old beauty Co Ngan attracted a lot of attention because of her engagement to a 72-year-old American rich man and living the happiest days of her life with a lavish and romantic love story.
January 08, 2021 | 11:17
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According to a Vietnamese media report on December 31, recently, Co Ngan, who has participated in several beauty contests, had a relationship with a 72-year-old American rich man Engagement has attracted much attention.

A "mismatched couple" across the border

Co Ngan (26 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) just held an engagement ceremony with boyfriend Wynn Katz (72 years old, CEO of a fashion company in Los Angeles, USA) at a 6-star hotel in Saigon. Immediately, the couple's love story caused a stir in the online community.

The young 26-year-old wife said that the engagementwas the result of the sincere love between her and Katz. “I know Katz through social networks. Gradually, we had feelings for each other. Before returning to Vietnam for the first time, Katz texted me asking if he could invite me out for a drink. Hearing that, thought he invited to the bar ... so I refused directly ", the girl said.

However, Katz just invited Ngan to eat at a quiet restaurant. The bluntness and openness of the Vietnamese girl touched the 72-year-old CEO. Not long after that, Katz confessed to Ngan his love falling with her.

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Although "distance" of 46 years old, the two are in a beautiful, romantic love story. Getty photo.

"People think that age will make us gap," Ngan said. "However, when I'm with Katz, I don't see any distance between us. He is also young, energetic like me". Ngan said, before accepting Katz's love, she also hesitated many times.

However, the thoughtfulness and mentality of the 72-year-old CEO soon overwhelmed her with happiness. “He understands and pampers me. In real life, I am mature, serious but at home, I am only as tender as a child with nagging, hobby of watching cartoons ...

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Co Ngan said, beside Katz, she did not feel the age gap.

"Seeing that, the CEO also turns himself into a child, joining the same hobbies like mine,” Ngan shared. However, when Ngan stumbles in life, Katz returns to the position of a brave man. He offers solutions, staying by the side with his young love overcoming difficulties.

"In this relationship, he is a very romantic person, I am very dry personality," proudly said the girl. On holidays, vacations, he gave me surprises that I never thought of.

Ngan said, in 2019, Katz secretly celebrated her birthday at a luxury hotel in Shanghai, China. Before bringing her lover, Katz manually decorated the party with a romantic and splendid. “When I arrived, I felt like I was a real queen".

Everything is splendid, luxurious, romantic. All that month, Katz gave me the best. The fact that he personally prepared everything in an unfamiliar place just for me to be happy made me very emotional.

Co Ngan also said, she was not sad, afraid when the public said that she came to Katz just for money. Ngan frankly shared, it was not wrong to choose someone rich enough to make a family in this era. More than that, she and Katz were inherently together with heart vibrations.

Her 46-year-old gap love story and billionaire Wynn Katz - CEO of a Los Angeles fashion house were also reported by many Chinese newspapers at the same time, attracting people's attention. Most of the articles headlines emphasized the age gap of the two. On her personal Facebook, Co Ngan was also surprised, did not think her love story would pay so much attention.

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Their love story is so famous that many Chinese newspapers pay attention to it.

Co Ngan has currently had more than 3.2 million likes on TikTok and 168 thousands of followers on this channel. The young girl often shares pictures of her life, good make-up tips and talks with fans. Many people love Co Ngan for her charming with straightforward talk.

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The current luxury life of Co Ngan
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