A warm-hearted, faithful Romania through Vietnamese Ambassador’s words

According to the former Vietnamese Ambassador in Romania (2009-2012) Nguyen Quang Chien, Romania is a land of old castles and mysteries. This land is also pervaded with gratitude to Vietnam.

What brought to Romania a huge history, a pride culture and the resilient nation with their rusticity and heartiness?

It were the myth of the Impaler – Prince of Wallachia Vlad III, or was known as Dracula in the story of Bram Stoker, the stretch mountain Carpathia and the fertility plain on the bank of Danube river. Romania was inside his mind as “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days” film of the famous director Critian Mungiu, won the Palme d’Or at 2007 Cannes Film Festival and the lyric poem of Mihai Eminescu – the most Romanian influential poet.

A warm-hearted, faithful Romania through Vietnamese Ambassador’s words

Former Vietnamese Ambassador in Romania Nguyen Quang Chien (Photo: FBNV)

A friend from the difficult time

Chien thought the Vietnam – Romania relation was constructed from the ground of the friendship and the traditional attachment between two countries throughout the struggle of Vietnamese people to gain independence and freedom. This relationship passed the challenges as well as ebb and flow of history, despite the socio-political crisis of Eastern Europe in the post-Cold War…

The veteran diplomat who was cohesive with Romania considered that the history of friendly relationship between Vietnam and Romania contained three periods. The first period was the time of the Resistance War against France and the socialist construction in Vietnam, pointed as President Ho Chi Minh visited Romania in August 1957, which seeded the friendship between two nations. This relation was preserved and extended by adjacent generations

In the Resistance War against America, Vietnamese people consistently remembered and acknowledged the support of Romanian government and people to Vietnam. Especially, in the late 60s of the 20th century, over 3000 Vietnamese students were taken to study and became successful in Romania. They, afterwards, played their role to the special bridge of the friendship and cooperation of two countries. In the international integration era, the friendly relation between Vietnam and Romania was maintained and enlarged in many aspects notwithstanding adapting the progressive situation.

Generations made and kept the fire

Since 1990, the establishment of Vietnamese Association in Romania boosted the cooperation in training and labor export. All Vietnamese generations who studied, lived and worked continue to “blow the fire” the relation of two countries. Former Ambassador Chien said “the fruitfulness of nearly 70 years diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Romania is the precious heritage. Our responsibility is retaining and persifying the legation that was built by the predecessor”.

Regarding the Vietnamese community in Romania, Chien was impressed by its youthfulness and enthusiasm though it is not a great community. In that host country, the community is as the great family that every members share and stand sympathetic to each other.

According to Chien, in last years, Vietnamese Association in Romania was successful to draw an image and strengthen a Vietnamese identity in capital Bucharest, among Europe. A present-day community was the pioneer’s great support which was a foundation of last generations’ activities in this place

The birth of Vietnamese Woman Club in Romania since January 2011 was the turning-point of the community’s development. The club created the new vitality with new active and perse forms to fulfill the need of overseas Vietnamese woman. Website of the club became a place and an indispensable food for the mind of every Vietnamese women, even members in community.

Vietnamese Business Association in Romania was consolidated and planned to act effectively and practically. Chien considered the great difficulty of organizations in Community was adapting to the changes from within and integrated methods in Romanian society. By recognizing the problem, the Association should maintain and increase its kernel role to rally every people and be a connection between Vietnam and Romania./.

Translated by Thanh Van


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