All That Glitter is Gold: Close-ups of the 31st Sea Games' 24k Gold Medals

The 31st SEA Games held in Vietnam will presents winners with gold medals that are plated with 24k gold. Let's take a close look and admire them!
April 25, 2022 | 08:18
Sea Games 24k Gold Medals
Photo: An Ninh Thu Do

In May 2022, the 31st SEA Games will kick off with 40 sports. Currently, the Organizing Committee has authorized an exclusive partner unit for the production. It is known that this is also the unit that once produced the Golden Buffalo mascot stuffed animal of the 22nd SEA Games (in 2003).

Sea Games 24k Gold Medals
Saola mascot stuffed animals for Southeast Asian sports delegations and fans is wearing a medal of the 31st SEA Games and raising his hand to celebrate the victory. Photo: Sports5

There will be more than 4,000 medals awarded to athletes with high achievements in Southeast Asian countries competing in different sports.

Sea Games 24k Gold Medals
On one side of the medal is the image of Saola mascot wearing a medal of the 31st SEA Games and raising his hand to celebrate the victory.

According to the organizing board, the 31st Sea Games medal has a thickness of 5mm, one side is embossed with the mascot of the Games, Sao lam with Vietnam's scenic spots (Danang Dragon Bridge, Khue Van Cac, etc.). ..) in the background. The official Sea Games 31's logo will be on the other side. The medal is cast in gold for winners, sliver for runner-ups and bronze for second runner-ups

For the gold medal will be 24k gold plated, each medal will be lined inside with 3 layers and covered with 1 more layer outside to keep the best durability for the product. The medal strap is made of woven fabric, instead of silk or satin as usual.

There are characteristics of gold that makes it ideal for awards and as a valuable asset. Thus, 24k gold does not corrode. This means that gold, unlike aluminum or steel that can rust, will keep its shine and doesn’t interact with materials around it.

Still, the value of the Sea Games medals are not in how much gold is in them. The medal is just a representation of success - that the athlete worked hard and won the games. That is the priceless experience of overcoming challenges, breaking barriers and getting to the top.

Changes in Vietnam sports delegation

According to the initial list of expected members of the Vietnam Sports Delegation attending the 31st SEA Games, there are 1,359 members.

However, there are 31 athletes in beach handball that will not participate. In particular, Vietnam will not hold the women’s beach handball event at the upcoming Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 31, according to the organizing board.

The removal of the sport has been caused by a shortage of participating teams. So far, there are only two countries registered for the event, including Vietnam and Thailand.

According to the tournament’s regulations for team sports, the host country can only organize the sport with at least three teams registering for the event.

As a result of so few teams registered to participate, the Vietnamese beach handball team will not have the chance to show their talents at the event, with this decision set to impact the Vietnamese team’s achievements at the games.

This comes after the Vietnam women's beach handball team made history by reaching the semi-finals of the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games in Qatar.

Sea Games 24k Gold Medals
The official Sea Games 31's logo on one side of the medals. Photo: Kinh Te Do Thi

The northern province of Quang Ninh, which will host seven sports during the upcoming 31st Sea Games, will offer free entry to spectators to enjoy all the competitions in the locality. According to a recent document by the Quang Ninh People’s Committee, it agreed with the provincial Department of Culture and Sports’ proposal on the policy.

Sea Games 24k Gold Medals
Representatives of Vietnam sport delegation celebrating victory at the 30th Sea Games; Photo: VOV
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