Belgian Pop Singer Announces Vietnam Tour

According to the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation to Vietnam, 27-year-old Belgian singer Rori will tour in Vietnam from December 7 - 14.
December 06, 2023 | 09:51

Born in 1996 in the Walloon Region, Rori made her music debut with the group "Beffroi." At the age of 16, she achieved her first success with the song "Swim," which was widely broadcast by radio stations in the Kingdom of Belgium. The female artist attended many major music festivals, including "Ancienne Belgique", "le Botanique", "Dour" and "Les Ardentes".

Rori's solo career started in 2020. She immediately gain popularity with her first single "Gonna Get Mine”. She then quickly followed up with her second single “Truth Hurts". In 2022, her hit song "Docteur" exploded on all local radio stations as well as streaming formats around the world. In early 2023, she continued to make an impression after releasing her first EP with the collection "Ma saison en enfer".

Rori will hold concerts in two cities: Hue and Hanoi from December 7-14 (Photo:

This talented musician invites listeners to travel in a world of mixed colors, highlighting her openness and love for pop music and popular culture. Her latest EP gives the audience a refreshing, pristine view of everyday life issues.

Rori's hit songs to Vietnamese audiences on December 8 - 10 in Hue city and December 14 in Hanoi. Rori's performance in Hue is within the framework of Hue International Music Week 2023 and will be in French.

Hue International Music Week 2023 is a meaningful event held at Noon Gate, Hue Citadel from December 8 to December 12, 2023. Under the theme “Giai dieu bon mua” (The melody of four seasons), the program is expected to become a new contemporary music event in late winter.

It is also an occasion for artists to learn from foreign artists and enhance their expertise. Other foreign artists in Hue International Music Week 2023 are Andrienne Mack-Davis, DJ 32 French from the USA, Sébastien Tellier from France, and Malik Djoudi from Grand Poitiers - France.

The program is live on digital platforms and VTV. With contemporary music, entertaining art, light, 3D Mapping and exciting melody, the event is expected to attract both local and international audiences.

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