Celebrating Vietnam Days Abroad

With many interesting and diverse activities, Vietnam Day held in many countries around the world is an opportunity to widely promote the image of the country, people, culture and development potential of Vietnam at the international level. This also actively contributes to enhancing mutual understanding and trust, bringing the relationship between Vietnam and other countries to a new height and towards sustainable development.
July 18, 2022 | 18:18

In 2010, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued a Regulation on the organization of Vietnam Day abroad. The Regulation stipulates the formulation and organization of implementation of activity plans for the year, month, week, or day of Vietnam (collectively referred to as Vietnam Day Abroad) at the national level on the occasion of important events such as: Celebrating even-numbered and full-year years of establishing diplomatic relations with other countries; the official visit of the senior leaders of the political Party and the State of Vietnam; welcome important international events with the participation and contribution of Vietnam and other events under the direction of the Prime Minister.

The Regulations clearly state that the "Vietnam Day Abroad Program" is planned to be organized annually, including the "Vietnam Year" abroad (with a 1-year program); "Vietnam month" abroad (1-month operation); "Vietnam Week" abroad (operating for 1 week) and the program of activities from 1-3 days is called "Vietnam Days" abroad.

During the implementation of the program, more and more Vietnam Days are being held in many countries around the world.

In March 2022, within the framework of the program "Vietnam Days in the UK," many cultural exchange activities, trade-investment promotion, and tourism promotion for Vietnam were organized. Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long stated: "In the context of the Vietnam - UK relationship developing positively, Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for investors and businesses as well as the British people in general. At the same time, this is also opening up many opportunities for elevating the relationship between the two countries to a new height.

In May 2022, on the occasion of the 132nd anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday (May 19, 1890-19/5/2022), the Saint Petersburg city government of the Russian Federation organized a series of meaningful activities to celebrate President Ho Chi Minh's birthday, called "Vietnamese Days in Saint Petersburg" to strengthen the cooperation between Vietnam and the Russian Federation, and actively promote Vietnam to the people of Russia.

Celebrating Vietnam Day From Abroad
Palace Bridge-St.Petersburg - Russia is lit with the colors of the Vietnamese flag. Photo: Anh Tu

One of the events that caught the attention of the people of Saint Petersburg during the Vietnamese days here was the lighting of the famous Palace Bridge over the Neva River in Saint Petersburg city with red and yellow lights representing the colors of Vietnam's national flag.

Previously in October 2021, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnam Day program in Switzerland was held online. This is also the first Vietnam Day to be celebrated abroad.

The program has brought Vietnam closer to the Swiss people through the highlights of diplomatic and economic cooperation with Switzerland and world-class agricultural achievements; special folk art performances, world-recognized intangible cultural heritages such as Hue royal court music or Then singing; or movies about the majestic and beautiful natural scenery of Vietnam. The public can also discover the typical Vietnamese cuisine with world-famous traditional dishes such as pho, bun cha, or noodle soup, from the perspective of Swiss tourists.

At the event, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Dang Hoang Giang shared: “The Vietnam Day program in Switzerland in 2021 not only demonstrates the strong vitality of the Vietnam-Switzerland relationship but also sends a message to the Swiss public and European countries about a beautiful Vietnam, rich in identity, ready to cooperate with Switzerland in all fields, especially innovation".

Regardless of which country Vietnam Overseas Day is held, in any form and scale, the common point of all these programs is that they all contribute to promoting the image of the country, people, and culture of Vietnam to the world and our international friends; contributing to deepening and sustainable relations between Vietnam and other countries and enhancing the friendship, understanding and mutual trust between the people of these countries and Vietnam. In addition, these programs also attract foreign investment, international tourists, and trade exchanges, and facilitate the expansion of cooperation relations in the fields of science and technology, education, culture, and trade. commerce, finance, banking, and other services.

Vietnam Day Abroad consists of four main groups of content:

- Political diplomacy activities of Vietnam such as meetings and talks;

- Introduction of cooperation opportunities in investment, trade, tourism, and services with Vietnam is organized in a number of forms such as forums, seminars, business seminars, product and goods exhibitions, and services;

- Introduce Vietnamese culture through a number of activities such as: displaying and exhibiting cultural products, artworks, and performing arts; movies; seminars and talks on Vietnamese culture, the introduction of Vietnamese fashion, and Vietnamese cuisine;

- Communication activities and some other specific activities to propagate and the introduction of these events.

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