Digital Transformation of "Cultural Festivities" in Vietnam Impresses Foreign Journalist

The effort of festival organizers from Vietnam has resulted in notable improvements in event management and cultural preservation, as viewed by reporter Ayesha Mumtaz from BNN Breaking. According to Mumtaz, this effort will help Vietnam's cultural environment continue to thrive in the digital age.
February 20, 2024 | 16:05

In a recent article "Vietnam's Cultural Leap: Digitizing Traditional Festivals for Future Generations" on BNN Breaking, reporter Ayesha Mumtaz claimed that Vietnam is taking a major step in safeguarding its festival heritage through digitalization.

Mumtaz mentioned the digitization project to transform cultural festivities in the country. The project set to unfold from 2021 to 2025, seeks to meticulously catalog over 8,868 festivals across Vietnam.

On August 3, 2023, Head of the Cultural Heritage Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam Ninh Thi Thu Huong unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, which aimed at revolutionizing how traditional festivals are managed, preserved, and experienced. This project not only highlights Vietnam’s commitment to its cultural roots, said Huong, but also sets a precedent for how technology can be harnessed to protect intangible heritage.

"By embracing the power of digital technology, the Ministry [of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam] aims to create a comprehensive database and an information portal,, that will serve as a beacon for festival information," said the Indian reporter.

Mumtaz believed that this initiative is not merely about preserving details in bits and bytes. It will be a crucial move to ensure that the essence of Vietnamese festivals is captured, safeguarded, and transmitted to future generations without distortion or commercial dilution.

The article also mentioned notable improvements in festival management have already been observed. Highlights such as the Dong Da Festival and the Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival in Ha Noi have seen expansions in scale and duration, contributing to a more solemn, safe, and educational experience for both locals and tourists.

The show 'Rực Rỡ Thăng Long' (Resplendent Thăng Long) is slated to be performed in Hồ Tây area on the night of February 9, 2024
With a record number of 2024 drones, the show 'Ruc Ro Thang Long' (Resplendent Thăng Long) was performed in the Ho Tay area (Hanoi) on the night of February 9, 2024 (Photo:

While conducting digitizing traditional festivals, one of Vietnam's biggest challenges is the absence of proper archival documents, said Mumtaz. Also, the commercialization of festivals has historically led to misinterpretations and alterations of traditional customs.

To overcome this issue, the introduction of the Statement of Conduct (SoC) by Ninh Thi Thu Huong, alongside the digitization effort, marks a pivotal shift towards enhancing the cultural environment. This SoC is designed to foster a healthier cultural milieu by promoting positive customs, gradually eliminating negative traditions, and enhancing festival management and organization.

Digitizing traditional festivals not only serves to professionalize festival organization but also plays a crucial role in educating the younger generation about their traditions and history. The foreign reporter pointed out that it is a difficult task to ensure that the legacy of Vietnam’s festivals continues to thrive in the digital age. Still, Vietnam's project to digitize festival data represents a forward-thinking approach to cultural preservation, said Mumtaz.

"This initiative is a testament to Vietnam's dedication to preserving its cultural heritage, showcasing a path that other nations might follow in the digital era".

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