Explore The Most Stunning Traveling Roads In Vietnam

In Vietnam, the open road can be a beautiful sight.
November 28, 2022 | 08:40

Vietnam never ceases to amaze tourists with its stunning, beautiful, and extraordinary natural scenery. There are many places and hidden corners for you to explore and have the most wonderful experience discovering nature and the unique culture of this country.

Not only are there primeval forests, majestic valleys, hills, mountains, and diverse and rich vegetation, but these spectacular roads also leave a deep impression in the heart of travelers from all over the world.

These roads have their own unique imprints and characteristics. You can find a road with a vertical slope, one with colorful flowers and forests on two sides, or one through the sea.

1. The road through Tan Lap Melaleuca forest, Long An

Photo: Toquoc.vn
Photo: Toquoc.vn

About 120km from Ho Chi Minh City, it will take more than 2 hours drive for tourists to reach Tan Lap floating village, then take a canoe to enter the Melaleuca forest.

Melaleuca forest was originally a wild wetland, close to the Cambodian border, linked with the Dong Thap Muoi area, forming a large green area with a system of interlaced canals, along with the Vam Co Tay River flowing through.

When tourists arrive at the forest, they will visit the place by walking on the road through the place, and by a small, winding trail through the forest.

Photo: Toquoc.vn
Photo: Toquoc.vn

The road is about 5 km long, which is wide enough for 2 people to go together, passing more than 100ha of Melaleuca forest. Along the two sides of the road, there are tall melaleuca trees, grasses, wild plants, or patches of moss and fallen leaves on the ground. All of them create a road that is both mysterious and wild, but extremely attractive in the eyes of young travelers and aspiring photographers.

In order to have the best experience exploring the Tan Lap melaleuca forest, tourists should avoid coming here during the rainy season, since the road is flooded. Sunny days are the most perfect choice for you to visit, especially from August to November of the lunar calendar, since it is the season when lotus flowers bloom.

2. The steep road in Gia Lai

Photo: Chu The Dung
Photo: Chu The Dung

There are many beautiful steep roads in Vietnam, but have you ever seen the long slopes that seem to reach the horizon, and look like a vertical slopes? The steep road in Gia Lai is the most perfect destination. And the above characteristics are also what make the slope attract a large number of visitors to check-in in the past few years.

The steep road belongs to part of the bypass of Pleiku city, Gia Lai to Kon Tum, in the territory of Ia Pech commune, Ia Grai district. The length of the road is only about 1km, but if you look from a distance, it will look like it stretches to the horizon.

On both sides of the road are thousands of tea and coffee gardens of local people, along with black and yellow cassava trees. When the season comes, the color of cassia flowers blooms brightly, making the scene even more satisfying.

Photo: Chu The Dung
Photo: Chu The Dung

Chu The Dung, the photographer who have taken the most famous photos of this steep road, aid that the actual slope of the road in real life does not look as scary as in the photo. When he took them, the author used a dedicated lens and aligned the shooting angle to be the best.

3. Brocade road in Ha Giang

The winding pass roads have been so famous in Ha Giang, but there is also a very special brocade road.

Starting in August 2020, after one month, the 1700m long brocade road with all beautiful brocade motifs and patterns was completed. You can find this road in a resort, which is located in Yen Dinh commune, Bac Me district, Ha Giang province.

Photo: Papiu.vn
Photo: Papiu.vn

Each pattern line, which bears the typical culture of the highlands on the road, is completely hand-painted by hundreds of local people.

Besides, the original purpose and meaning of the brocade path are also very special. It is a project that was made to help local youth get a job during the Covid-19 pandemic time.

Photo: Papiu.vn
Photo: Papiu.vn

After the road became better–known through the media and social networking sites, tourists not only have a chance to know more about Ha Giang but also learn the beauty of brocade motifs and designs of this rocky plateau.

4. The road lies between the white sand dunes in Bau Trang, Binh Thuan

Photo: LuhanhVietnam
Photo: LuhanhVietnam

When talking about Phan Thiet, most travelers will think about the vast hills of white sand. Jeep car is the best choice for transportation if you want to ride on these hills, as it is extremely difficult to walk on foot.

In Bau Trang, Phan Thiet, there is a very special road. It is located between the white sand dunes, creating a more convenient way for people as well as being a stunning Instagram check-in place.

Amidst the vast expanse of sand, the concrete road stretching for about 1km stands out between the two sides with endless sand dunes and a few barren trees.

The best time to visit the road is in the early morning before 9 am, or late afternoon to watch the sunset. At this time, the weather is not too hot, which will make the visitors feel more comfortable.

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