Five Nights at Freddy's – Guard the Place and Get Ready for Scares!

Download the latest version of Five Nights at Freddy's and be ready to guard Freddy’s place for five nights! Armed with limited power, can you survive through the nights or will you cower?

Horror games of the past focused a lot on cheap jump scares and horrifying-looking characters. But as time passed, people got used to it and no longer find these frightening. But nowadays, horror games are becoming more innovative as they involve real-life scenarios that will scare everyone who dares to pla

Think of Slenderman which simply just involves you running down the woods, yet it gained massive success. Now, there’s Five Nights at Freddy's created by Scott Cawthon. This seemingly simple game is deceptive. In here, you’ll just stay at Freddy’s for five nights. Sounds simple, right? Except you’ll be guarding an animatronic robot named Freddybear along with his friends. Creepy things begin to happen as you fail to guard them. The question is, can you survive for five nights or will you cower in fear?

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Simple Yet Frightening

Over the years, the horror genre in games have evolved significantly. You’ll no longer see obvious threats and ghosts as horror games did before. Now, they focus on seemingly simple events mostly daily routines and incorporates subtle scares. This makes horror games today so much more impactful and frightening to play.

This is exactly the formula that Five Nights at Freddy's uses. In here, you’ll be a security guard in charge of Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza shop. The main attraction here is Freddybear and his friends. Normally, they are normal. But as you’re only given limited power supply every night, you’ll need to act and think fast! There are tons of scary things that can happen when you leave the bears unattended! Can you survive for five whole nights?

Features of Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is a simple horror game done right. This game uses simple sound effects and gameplay that proves to be very effective at scaring people. Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – Plenty of horror games have tried to create something scary but they ended up a laughingstock. Because of this, developers are always trying to find innovative ways to create a compelling horror game worth the penny. Five Nights at Freddy's is something that has never been done before. The game has such a simple concept, yet it works like a charm in scaring gamers out of their wits! Here, you’ll be in charge of guarding Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. But this is no ordinary pizzeria as there are animatronic bears that serves as attractions during the day. But when it’s nighttime, they become something else! Because of the tight budget, the pizza place has no other choice but just to hire you. Think you can survive for five nights in this scary place with limited power supply?

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Elements – So, if you’re wondering what makes this game so effective despite being so simple? It’s the subtle things in here such as the security cameras, lights, mini games, phone calls, closings and jump scares! Your job is to monitor the place so that the bears won’t move. In here, there are numerous security cameras scattered around the place for you to monitor. In here, you can also use the lights to ward off the scary animatronics. However, you’ll only be given limited power supply every night so it’s in your best interest to use them sparingly.

Then, there are phone calls from previous employees of the place which serves as guides for you. Here, you’ll receive a general overview and backstory of the place which will help you a lot.

Lastly, there are jump scares in this game. They consist of different animatronics creeping up on you slowly then jumping on you to scare you. Once you are attacked by the animatronic, you’ll have failed the game. The goal of this game is simple – to survive five nights peacefully!

Different locations – In here, you’ll be tasked to guard a lot of locations. In each of the locations, there are different animatronics around. You must keep an eye on them in order to avoid being attacked! But, you’ll only be given limited power supply every night so you must use it sparingly. In any case, the locations in here are all creepy!

Eerie sound effects and graphics – Five Nights at Freddy's features superb sound effects that capture the eeriness of the place. Here, you’ll hear the sound effects of everything around you. You must be aware of your surroundings!

Controls – In this game, you can control the security cameras, lights and the doors. You can’t move in your place though! You can only control your immediate surroundings using simple buttons. That’s how easy it is to play the game! But, you’ll need to be ready for anything!

Tips for Playing Five Nights at Freddy's

Newbies might think that the game is simple. But once you play it, you’ll understand that it’s not for the faint-hearted! Fortunately, here are some tips to help you:

Conserve your energy – Every night in here, you’re only given limited power supply. You will see your remaining power left at the form of percentage in the lower left corner. This means that you shouldn’t keep the door closed too long or the lights on all the time. These consume too much energy!

Learn how your enemies move – You must also learn how your animatronics enemies move in order to predict them. At first, this would be a daunting task. But as you play the game more, you’ll be able to take note of their movements which will allow you to predict them.

Watch out for glowing eyes – Freddybear may be hard to see on the camera. But you can watch out for glowing eyes in all the cameras! Once you see them, be prepared!

Download Five Nights at Freddy's And Price

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• For PS4 ($7.99) -

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• For iOS ($2.99) -


Horror games provide fun and scary gameplay for a lot of gamers. For this reason, people are always keen on finding the latest horror games to play. If you’re looking for a unique one with a lot of intense moments, then Five Nights at Freddy's is the perfect game for you! Play it now and try to survive for five nights!

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