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Germany shooting: 11 dead, including suspect

February 20, 2020 | 12:34

The suspect and another person have been found dead after a double shooting on two shisha bars near Frankfurt on Thursday (Feb 20). 

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germany shooting 11 dead including suspect
Police stand guard near the scene of a shooting in central Hanau, Germany on Feb 20. (Photo: AP/Michael Probst)

Police have confirmed that they stormed the alleged suspect’s home and found him dead and another body, The Guardian reported

Police also said another person has died from the first two shootings, taking the total dead in Hanau to 11.

After a shooting on Wednesday evening in Hanau, the alleged perpetrator was found dead. According to witnesses, the police received information about a fleeing vehicle, which could be found as part of the large-scale search in the Kesselstadt district.

The home address there was blocked off extensively and searched by special police forces. Two other bodies were found. One of the dead people is most likely the culprit. There are currently no indications of other perpetrators.

The number of victims who were fatally injured at the crime scenes in Heumarkt and Kurt-Schumacher-Platz increased to nine, so that there are currently a total of eleven deaths. Investigations into the identity of the victims and the suspected perpetrator are ongoing.

Police then tweeted at around 5am local time that special police force officers had stormed the home of the alleged suspect and found him dead along with another body.

“One of the dead people is most likely the culprit,” police said in a statement. “There are currently no indications of other perpetrators. Investigations into the identity of the victims and the suspected perpetrator are ongoing.”

The attacks targeted bars in Hanau, about 20km from Frankfurt, where armed police quickly fanned out and police helicopters roamed the sky looking for those responsible for the bloodshed.

The first attack occurred at the Midnight bar in the centre of the city around 10pm on Wednesday (local time), police and reports said. Three people were killed in front of the building, local media said, with witnesses reporting hearing a dozen shots.

The attacker, or attackers, fled the scene by car, according to police. There was then a second shooting at Arena Bar.

A gunman reportedly rang the doorbell and shot people in the smoking area, killing five people including a woman, according to mass-circulation Bild, adding that the victims were of Kurdish origin.

"The victims are people we have known for years," said the bar manager's son, quoted by DPA news agency. Two employees were among the victims, according to the man, who was not at the bar during the shooting. "It is a shock for everyone."

The mayor of Hanau, Claus Kaminsky, told the Bild newspaper that it had been "a terrible night".

"You could not imagine a worse night. It will of course keep us busy for a long, long time and remain a sad memory."

"I am deeply moved. Just the fact that eight people have lost their lives has shaken me up. But I ask all citizens not to speculate. The police must have the chance to clear up the situation and investigate – until then, we should wait with prudence, no matter how hard this may be."

MP for the region, Katja Leikert, said it was "a real horror scenario".

"On this dreadful night for Hanau, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the relatives of those killed. I hope the injured will recover quickly," she said./.

VNA/AFP/The Guardian