Hanoi's 23 industrial clusters to be handed over to investors in late June

Hanoi is continuing to complete 23 trade village industrial clusters expected to be handed over to investors at the investment promotion conference themed "Hanoi 2020 - Investment Cooperation and Development" organized for June 27th.
June 09, 2020 | 09:40
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Hanoi's 23 industrial clusters to be handed over to investors in late June
Hanoi has a total of 70 operational industrial clusters and parks in 17 districts, covering an area of 1,686 hectares. (Photo: hanoitimes)

Hanoi is prioritizing the expansion of modern industrial zones and clusters to support the sustainable development of the industrial sector and enhance local competitiveness.

According to Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung, this is considered one of the solutions to attract investment flows of small- and medium-sized enterprises of the city. At the same time, it contributes to helping industrial production, making trade villages more professional and effective, and contributes to the economy of the capital.

The infrastructures of the trade village industrial clusters are built synchronously and priority will be given to the development of traditional trade villages with clean and high technologies, and synchronous wastewater systems.

Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade said that the city now has 1,350 trade villages, of which 198 traditional trade villages are recognized, and 70 industrial clusters. The industrial clusters have attracted about 3,800 production and business establishments, creating jobs for about 60,000 workers, according to the dangcongsan.

Hanoi's 23 industrial clusters to be handed over to investors in late June
Hanoi to hand over 23 industrial clusters to investors in late June. (Photo: kinhtedothi)

These industrial clusters and parks has attracted 3,864 businesses that created 60,000 jobs, and contributed VND1.1 trillion (US$47.28 million) to state coffers.

Among them, 26 industrial clusters have been equipped with sufficient infrastructure system, including Quat Dong expansion, Ngoc Hoi, Tu Liem, Phung village, among others, playing a key role for more specialized and efficient in industrial production and operation of craft villages.

Thuong Tin district, located in southern region of Hanoi, has over 10 industrial clusters and parks, the largest among the districts and communes in Hanoi. They are nearly fully occupied with over 900 enterprises and manufacturers, which provide 7,000 jobs for locals.

However, there have been issues of industrial zones located in residential areas, leading to high risks of environmental pollution and fire accidents. Specifically, 17 industrial clusters are surrounded by residential areas; 27 lack water and waste drainage systems; 44 have no wastewater treatment plant; and 59 have no solid waste storage facility. The most pressing issue is that most of them have not been equipped with a proper fire prevention system.

Under such circumstance, the Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued Document No.4517 requesting greater efficiency in managing industrial zones in the city.

Director of Hanoi’s Department of Industry and Trade Le Hong Thang said the city has been providing incentive policies for the development of supporting industries, referring to Hanoi Southern Supporting Industrial Park that is subject to land rental period of up to 70 years and preferential loans from banks, among others.

Thang said there has been trend of growing investments in hi-tech, green technologies and sustainable development in industrial zones in Hanoi over the past few years, as per report on the Hanoitimes.

Hanoi is scheduled to have a total of 68 industrial zones by 2020, with total investment capital of VND19.16 trillion (US$822.4 million), according to information revealed at the 2018 Hanoi Investment Cooperation Conference.

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