Lam Dong in the Eyes of International Friends

Lam Dong has captured foreign tourists not only with its many famous beauties, but also with the opportunities for tourists to experience pristine mountains and forests, national culture, and historical structures.
May 26, 2024 | 16:10

Immersing In A Unique Mix Of Nature and Local Culture

Mary Charles is a visitor from France, which is known for its historic cities, quiet countryside, gothic castles, beautiful beaches, and world-renowned architecture, but he fell in love with Lam Dong after only one day of experiential travel. He decided to stay in Lam Dong for a long time to explore new and exciting places due to the fresh air and friendliness of the people here.

The beauty of Da Lat, Lam Dong
The beauty of Da Lat, Lam Dong.

He chose to rent a motorbike as a companion vehicle on his vacation to explore tourist locations because he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. One day, he drove to Trieu Hai commune, which is around eight kilometers from the capital of Da Teh district. The visitor traveled to Trieu Hai waterfall to explore after being recommended by locals and was astounded by its breathtaking grandeur.

The white waterfall cascades from the mountaintop, situated in the heart of a landscape that retains the wild, quiet, and beauty of green forests and undulating slopes. He bathed in cool water, went camping, and soaked up the fresh natural air. "What an extremely interesting experience!" said Charles.

Trieu Hai waterfall in Trieu Hai commune, Da Teh district
Trieu Hai waterfall in Trieu Hai commune, Da Teh district. (Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper)

During his visit to Cu Lan village, he was fascinated by the waterfall's untamed beauty and the K'Ho people's cultural uniqueness. He said that the village seemed to have stepped out of a fairy tale, keeping numerous newly discovered and known cultural aspects, such as festivals, gongs, traditional crafts, and folk games. All of this is new and exciting to him as a foreign guest who is already accustomed to living in another society.

The city of high-quality wines

Czech Republic's Ambassador to Vietnam Hynek Kmonicek, fell in love with the "foggy city" during a business trip to the wine factory at Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company - Ladofoods. Ladofoods has been in business since 1999, and after more than 20 years of development, it is one of the businesses that uses modern production technology, with a closed value chain that extends from its own 25-hectare international standard raw material area in Ninh Thuan to processing plants, production, and market distribution systems.

Although this is where wines are produced, which are prioritized as the main drinks used at key occasions hosted by the Czech Republic Embassy, this is the ambassador's first visit to and work at the facility. He stated that he was impressed by the people's enthusiasm, hospitality, and professional working style. During the experience trip to the factory, the staff eagerly walked him through the entire winemaking process, from raw materials to wine manufacturing stages, wine maturing, and the art of drinking wine. This developed trust and affection in him for the honesty and simplicity of Da Lat locals.

Foreign tourists travel not simply to relax, but also to explore, experience new things, and learn more about the world. Therefore, boosting the experience of tourism is a potential trend for the Lam Dong tourism industry in the coming time.

Lam Dong aims to attract 9.7 million visitors by 2024. To achieve the above figure, the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee intends to carry out many local tourism promotion activities, such as organizing the 3rd Golden Week of Tourism in 2024; hosting a tourism promotion conference of five Central Highlands provinces with Thanh Hoa; and organizing a festival introducing Indonesian culture in Lam Dong, especially programs and activities within the framework of the 10th Dalat Flower Festival.

Furthermore, in 2024, Lam Dong tourism industry units will arrange numerous linking, promotion, and advertising activities in regions to introduce Da Lat - Lam Dong's typical products to domestic and foreign tourists.

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