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Lost in the Europe-like scene of Nam Dinh churches

December 03, 2020 | 07:19

When discovering the churches in Nam Dinh, two young photographers Minh Quang and Duy Anh thought they were lost in the middle of some European countries.

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0110 capture
Sharing about how to find churches, Minh Quang, one of the two photographers, said that the simplest way was to look around for tall buildings and then track down how to get there. (Photo: VN Express)
0112 capture1
Hung Nghia church is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Nam Dinh. (Photo: VN Express)
0115 capture2
The church has Gothic architecture, with dark paint colors and bold classical imprint. From a distance, this place looks like a splendid castle. Hung Nghia church was built with sophisticated and meticulous details. Some even compare this building to the legendary Hogwart the Harry Potter series. (Photo: VN Express)
0117 capture3
Although it has been renovated, Hung Nghia church still preserves its ancient features. Its dark paint colors bring a haunting vibe. (Photo: VN Express)
0120 capture4
Hai Nhuan Church is located near Hung Nghia church. Hai Nhuan was remodeled in 13 years from 1998. The church is solemn and stunning with a dark green-gray tone and bold Gothic architecture. (Photo: VN Express)
0123 capture5
Hai Ly collapsed church is an abandoned project. Currently, only the outer frame of the church still stands. However, the ruined look and the dilapidated brick structure have made this site a famous tourist attraction in recent years. (Photo: VN Express)
0125 capture6
Tang Dien parish stands out with its Western and Vietnamese architectural style. The church has yellow and red tones. (Photo: VN Express)
0127 capture7
The church has a large campus with a small lake next to it. Therefore, even though the church is closed for now, visitors can still take pictures outside. (Photo: VN Express)
0135 capture8
From Nam Dinh city, it takes 35-40 km to reach Hai Hau district, where you can visit the mentioned churches. (Photo: VN Express)
0140 capture9
Minh Quang said that the local people here are easygoing and friendly, so the two of them felt welcomed to complete this set of photos. (Photo: VN Express)
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