Ma Da forest- a beautiful route for trekking beginners to Southeast of Vietnam

Ma Da forest in Dong Nai is a new route for trekking lover where trekkers can wander under canopy of leaves in a primeval forest, enjoying fresh air, contemplating a diverse flora and fauna.
September 23, 2020 | 07:25
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Dong Nai owns the wildest beauty and colors in the Southeast of Vietnam where there is Tri An Hydropower Lake, with a series of eco-tourism areas such as Buu Long, Cao Minh, Giang Dien Waterfall etc.

Ma Da primeval forest is located in Vinh Cuu district, which is about 90 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city. You can reach the forest by motorbike or car in the direction from Linh Xuan overpass, turn on Highway 1K and run straight to Tri An intersection. After turning left to Provincial Highway 767 and Vinh Cuu district is ahead. Additionally, Dong Nai province also has Nam Cat Tien National Park, beautiful Chua Chan mountain and many other attractive destinations. Ma Da is a forest located around Tri An Lake, which is a beautiful trekking route for travelers.

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Compared to trekking in other high mountains or the Ta Nang - Phan Dung road, Ma Da trekking trail is relatively easy thanks to comfortable weather and topographical structure.

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The most suitable period to trek Ma Da is from October to June when it is cool, the road is dry and convenient for trekkers to exploring all the beauty of Ma Da forest. You should avoid rainy season as the road is slippery and muddy.

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Ma Da forest has a quite large area but the trekking journey that most people choose is the road from the edge of the forest to the pier to Cao Minh Island. This route is only 7 km but it is long enough for you to enjoy the beauty of the Ma Da jungle, breathe the fresh air and contemplate the diverse flora and fauna.

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Usually, those who want to trekking Ma Da will combine with other entertainment activities in Tri An Lake such as boating, camping and enjoying local cuisine.

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