Netflix and BHD Vietnam Organizing 1st ever Dubbing Talent Pool

Netflix and BHD launched the Voice of Wonder - a voice-over contestwith the aim of finding potential voice actors over the age of 16 in Vietnam. The competition offers the chance to work as a voice actress for Netflix, collaborate with local and worldwide specialists, and earn three months of free training.
October 22, 2021 | 12:43
Voice of Wonder marks Netflix’s first-ever dubbing contest in the Asia Pacific region, aimed at supporting the development of Vietnam’s dubbing and creative industry and raising greater awareness of dubbing expertise in the film industry.
Voice of Wonder Poster. Photo: Netflix, BHD
Voice of Wonder Poster. Photo: Netflix, BHD

The national program creates a platform for Vietnamese passionate about dubbing to learn from some of the leading experts in the country.

The contest also aims to celebrate the return of the Vietnam Film Festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Vietnam Cinema Department, with the finals taking place from November 18 to November 20 in Hue.

The contest welcomes contestants from the age of 16 to participate. The potential winner could also stand the chance to become voice actors for future Netflix and BHD projects.

"Dubbing is not just about localizing the voice of a character. The voice actor also needs to know how to act and express emotions," an organizer said.

The prize for the winner is to meet and interact with domestic and foreign dubbing experts. The best contestant also has the opportunity to become a voice actor for future projects of Netflix and BHD, with Netflix fully funded training costs for three months of the competition.

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Deputy Director of the Cinema Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, expressed on the program, "This is an opportunity for the audience to understand more about voice acting and also a career opportunity for new voice actors and young people who are passionate about this job”.

"We hope there would be many more projects like Voice of Wonder co-organized by foreign companies like Netflix to help develop Vietnamese cinema," said Nguyen Thi Thu Ha.

The organizers believe that dubbing is not merely "localizing" the voice of the character, but also must express fully the emotions of the character in the movie.

Since sound began to appear in cinema, Hollywood actors have been very conscious of their voice identity. They understand that the voice on film and in real life must be the same. The audience even just needs to close their eyes and listen to the voice to know who is standing in front of the frame. So in the world of cinema, there is no such thing as actors letting others voice their voices.

Some famous Hollywood actors even offered to voice themselves in the French version of the movie because of their ability to speak the language. And, to modernize the Vietnamese cinematography industry the contest places as a major improvement.

Sharing information about the program, the department expresses its gratitude to Netflix and BHD for coordinating this project, especially since the audience is typically only aware of the completed works displayed on the screen, but behind the screen is a talented team that has worked tirelessly but is little known.

Netflix famous logo. Photo: Netflix
Netflix famous logo. Photo: Netflix

In recent times, this platform has continuously produced series of films that are interested and loved by global audiences, including Vietnam, such as Squid game,Money heist, ...

Netflix's representative, Mr. Dennis Chau, voice director emphasized that with the first voiceover talent competition held in Asia-Pacific taking place in Vietnam, Netflix looks forward to hearing Voice of Vietnam and contributing to the development of the creative community in Vietnam.

According to analysts, this event is a significant and timely start, establishing a pattern of collaboration between Vietnamese firms and global digital platforms such as Netflix, and providing new market potential. Vietnam's vibrant film school is undergoing internationalization.

Netflix and BHD Vietnam Organizing 1st ever Dubbing Talent Pool
Dennis Chau, director of Dubbing - APAC, Netflix. Photo: Netflix

Dennis Chau, director of Dubbing - APAC, Netflix, said, "Dubbing is a key element in enabling entertainment fans to enjoy content from all around the world, and bringing local stories to a global audience. With our first-ever national Dubbing Contest in Asia Pacific taking place in Vietnam, we look forward to hearing the voices of Vietnam and supporting the development of the local creative community."

Nguyen Phuong Hoa, director of the Department of International Cooperation, said the initiative underscores international cooperation between Vietnamese and foreign companies like Netflix, bringing new opportunities for Vietnam's dynamic film market.

Thua Thien-Hue - Destination of filmmakers
Thua Thien-Hue - Destination of filmmakers, Vietnam Film Festival 2021. Photo: COMMUNIST PARTY OF VIETNAM

Voice of Wonder is held in celebration of the Vietnam Film Festival. Starting in 1970, the long-standing film festival honors excellent cinematographic works of various genres in Vietnam.

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