Solutions to Improve Effectiveness of Nghe An's People-to-people Diplomacy Through Tourism

Tourism helps increase mutual understanding between people of different countries. Therefore, it plays an important role in promoting people-to-people diplomacy activities of Nghe An particularly and Vietnam.
December 12, 2023 | 20:10

Nghe An is the province with the largest natural area in Vietnam (16,493.7 square kilometers), has the 4th largest population in the country, and includes 21 administrative units.

The province has diverse terrain, many majestic natural landscapes, diverse and rich natural ecosystems, and a rich cultural history with a system of relics.

Therefore, Nghe An has the advantages of establishing resort tourism products, cultural-historical tourism, ecotourism, community tourism and thematic tourism.

Currently, Nghe An province has been promoting investment in developing new facilities, infrastructure and tourism products to better meet the needs of tourists inside and outside the province.

Travel business activities made many advances such as innovative investment in vehicles and improved service of tour guides.

To continue promoting the achieved results, gradually turning tourism into a key economic sector, contributing to the province's economic growth and improving the effectiveness of people-to-people diplomacy, it is necessary to strengthen some of the following solutions.

Solutions to Improve Effectiveness of Nghe An Province's People-to-people Diplomacy Through Tourism

Raising awareness about the position and role of people-to-people diplomacy in tourism activities

Tourism is becoming an industry that has a significant impact on socio-economic development, improving the quality of human life and bringing great cultural benefits.

Tourism promotes the development of people-to-people diplomacy and exchanges between cultures. Therefore, some people compared tourism to a "peace passport" connecting cultures.

The increasingly strong trend of globalization and regionalization created a strong driving force for the tourism industry to have many opportunities to develop, enhance its reputation in the international arena, and expand relations between the people of Vietnam and other countries.

Therefore, educating and raising awareness among the working classes in the tourism industry about linking tourism with people-to-people diplomacy is necessary.

The province needs to define tourism as an integrated economic sector, with profound cultural content, bringing efficiency in economics, culture, society, politics, foreign affairs, security and defense.

It is necessary to organize large, annual events and promote programs to visit museums, monuments, enhance experiential tourism for foreign students.

Nghe An needs to focus on fostering MICE tourism products (tourism combined with events, seminars, incentives) in Vinh city, Cua Lo town, Dien Chau, Nghi Loc, Nam Dan, and developing provincial products.

Tourism development associated with digital transformation and creative startups

In recent times, Nghe An tourism industry focused on implementing the policies and directions of the Party and State on digital transformation.

The province built a digital database system for the tourism industry, established an information system connection between management agencies and businesses, and applied digital technology to support tourists.

However, to accelerate the progress of digital transformation in the tourism industry, it is necessary to complete related projects and programs.

In addition, it is necessary to review and propose amendments to regulations to support the promotion of digital transformation and strengthen close cooperation between the tourism and technology industries.

Strengthening links and cooperation in tourism development to strengthen people-to-people diplomacy

The province needs to encourage and support travel businesses to cooperate in opening tours, especially tourism to international markets such as Laos, Thailand, China, Europe, America, and Australia.

Nghe An needs to promote cooperative relationships and close links with domestic, international provinces and cities to organize events, cultural and tourism exchange activities abroad and in border areas.

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