“Special personnel” in line for Vietnamese leadership roles

The recently-concluded 15th conference of the Party Central Committee has adopted a list of nominees, including special cases, that can fill key positions in the nation’s leadership over the coming five years.
January 19, 2021 | 07:14
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“Special personnel” in line for Vietnamese leadership roles
The freshly concluded Party conference has reached high consensus on a list of nominees, including special cases, to be elected to key posts at the upcoming National Party Congress scheduled for Jan. 25 - Feb. 2. Source: VOV

These special cases include incumbent members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam, with the personnel set to be introduced for voting during the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

The congress, which will be held in Hanoi from January 22 to February 2, is poised to elect members to the Party Central Committee, Political Bureau, and the Party’s Secretariat over the next five years. This includes four key posts, such as the Party General Secretary, the State President, the Prime Minister, and the National Assembly chairperson.

The list of nominees received strong support from delegates who were in attendance for the 15th Party conference, according to Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong in his closing speech.

Closely monitoring the progress of the Party Conference, ranking officials, Party members, and other inpiduals believe that the ‘special personnel’ selected by the Party Central Committee include those with a pure morality, and they will promote their special competencies in order to make additional contributions to the nation moving forward.

Le Quang Thuong, former head of the Party Central Committee’s Organisation Commission, said the retaining of special cases could be considered as an objective factor that can meet the requirements of both the revolutionary cause and of the Party in the years ahead.

According to Thuong, the inpiduals set to be introduced for re-election must include those who have a high reputation in the Party and among the wider public. Indeed, they must gather and promote the collective strength of the entire political system, the Party, the people, and the power of the era in order to successfully carry out two strategic tasks relating to building and defending the nation.

Meanwhile, Pham Thanh Binh, a local resident of Hanoi, told VOV.VN that he completely supports the conference’s decision to choose the top four positions as part of the country’s political regime.

“I believe this conference has found very competent and highly trustworthy people, including special cases, to lead the present-day generation,” said Binh. “I expect that the upcoming 13th Party Congress will unanimously agree with the adopted list of nominees and elect them to national key posts worthy of leading the country in the coming time.”

“Special personnel” in line for Vietnamese leadership roles
Hanoi streets decorated to welcome 13th National Party Congress. Photo: VNA

Since the 11th Party Congress, the Communist Party of Vietnam has put forward the issue of special personnel for discussions. As such, special personnel must be people who have both high-moral standards and special talents. Although they may be older than the prescribed age, their ability, expertise, and experience proves crucial in key positions. Due to their practical experience, they are able to sufficiently meet the criteria to lead the contingent of officials to deal with any crisis.

“If it is special, it must be very special, this means they must be the elite and brave people who are held accountable for the nation and people to develop the nation in the coming time,” said Nguyen Manh Thang, a Party member of Hanoi. “Like the 12th Party congress, we also had special cases and they have all lived up to people’s expectations.”

Whilst personnel is a matter of concern at any congress, with a high consensus reached during the last conference of the Party Central Committee, Vietnamese officials, Party members, and people are looking forwards to and have high expectations regarding the success of the 13th National Party Congress./.

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