Tao Dan Park Named Among World's “Most Haunted” Places

Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City has been named as one of the most haunted places in the world
October 16, 2021 | 08:45
Photo: City Pass Guide
Photo: City Pass Guide

Travel + Leisure magazine has published a list of the most haunted places in the world, including Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Over 24 acres of gardens make Tao Dan Park look like a paradise, but at night, locals have reported that the space takes on a different feel. Rumors say that the ghost of a young man who was killed in an attack still wanders the park, looking for his lost love," it said.

The claim has surprised locals who say they have never heard of anything scary happening in the park, and that it is a green and safe public space loved by local people.

One of the city's most attractive green spaces, 10-hectare Tao Dan Park has bench-lined walks shaded with avenues of towering tropical trees, including flame trees and huge Sao Den and So Khi trees.

It’s fascinating to visit in the early morning and late afternoon when thousands of locals exercise. The city’s bird lovers (mainly elderly gentlemen) also flock there, cages in hand, to what is known as the bird cafe.


Photo: Vietnamdrive
Photo: Vietnamdrive

Tao Dan Park has a long history, beginning in the 1860s when the French started invading Vietnam.

The park is located behind the Reunification Palace and was repaired at the same time as when the Palace was rebuilt by the French. In 1869, when the French separated the Tao Dan land from the garden of the Reunification Palace and built Miss Cawell Street between them (now known as Huyen Tran Princess Street).

After being repaired, the garden was officially named Jardin de la Ville. For the Vietnamese at the time, it was either called Ong Thuong garden or Bo Ro garden. There were many explanations for the name Bo Ro, but most people understood it as a transliteration of the French word “beaux jeux” in “jardin des beaux jeux,” meaning “garden of elegant games.”

When it was officially completed, a man named Mr. Moreau managed the garden. He was also the first person to take charge of the Bo Ro area.

Activities in Tao Dan Park (@nhannt98)
Activities in Tao Dan Park (@nhannt98)

From 1896 to 1926, more structures inside the garden we're created, such as a soccer field, pool and tennis court.

From 1954, when the French officially withdrew their forces from Vietnam, the Reunification Palace and the Bo Ro garden were back in the control of the Vietnamese, and the garden was named Tao Dan Park.

During the 1970s, with itshuge amount of trees, Tao Dan Park was considered as the lungs of Ho Chi Minh City, providing fresh air and a clean atmosphere.

Sometimes they even held exhibitions and events here. Tao Dan Park was also where military scouting and a lot of other activities were organized.

Among them, the most significant event was the Dong Tam fair. The park has been existing ever since, becoming an attractive tourist destination in Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


There are many ways to get to Tao Dan Park. If visitors want to use public transport, they can catch bus number 12 or 07. B

Ben Thanh Market to Tao Dan Park only takes a 10-minute walk, so visitors can go on foot or hire a bike.

Visitors can use a taxi to get to Tao Dan Park.

Photo: Bowdy Wanders
Photo: Bowdy Wanders

Historical structures

During history, there had been a number of structures being built inside Tao Dan Park.

Nowadays, the ancient temple built to honor the Hung Kings and a small Cham tower are the two most famous buildings. Both represent the history of Vietnam, and are perfect places to take amazing pictures. Vsitors are always impressed with the delicate and eye-catching architecture.

Tao Dan Park has a Lam tomb built in 1895, which represents the heroic history of Vietnam.

This compound tomb that has the largest acreage and most beautiful architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. Set in the far east of the park, visitors can admire the different statues displayed there.

Astonishing nature

It’s not random that Tao Dan Park is named “the lungs of Ho Chi Minh City”. It has more than 10 hectares of green and tall trees, which help to make fresh air and to manage the city’s temperature.

Most paths inside the park are covered by thick branches, offering cover from the suns rays.

Local people often come here to relax, exercise, catch up with their friends and enjoy their life.

Tao Dan Spring Flower Festival

Bird collectors gathering at Tao Dan Park (@catalin_chitu_22)
Bird collectors gathering at Tao Dan Park (@catalin_chitu_22)

Every New Year, the colorful and stunning spring flower festival is held in Tao Dan Park. On this occasion, various unique and eye-catching works of art made from flowers are displayed for visitors to admire and take pictures.

The delicate, colorful and stunning flowers, the creativity of the masterpieces plus the bustling and happy atmosphere of the holiday create charming scenery, gaining great attention from the public.

Best time to visit

Tao Dan Park is open every day of the week, but the best time to visit Tao Dan Park is in the early morning, ideally before dawn when the weather is cool and the streets are quiet, a perfect time to exercise and enjoy the peaceful beauty.

Local people in Ho Chi Minh City often take a walk around the park, practice tai chi or yoga, play sports or simply have breakfast and relax under the rising sun.

In the early morning, there are birds singing, creating a melodic and peaceful atmosphere.

Bird lovers in Ho Chi Minh City often gather there, showing each other their birds and exchanging tips as well as information about bird feeding. With the comfortable weather, the early morning is truly the perfect time to visit.

Throughout the day, the park is busy with tourists and locals. Visitors also can come in the evening, when the sun is going down and the park is covered in the glowing red of the sunlight, which is beautiful beyond words.

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