Tau Be Cape, an uncharted gem in Con Dao

Multi-colored rocks, emerald green seawater, and “open-air” swimming pool are among the hidden charms of lesser-known Tau Be Cape in Con Dao.
August 19, 2020 | 17:01
con dao a secluded paradise boasting peaceful allure Con Dao, a secluded paradise boasting peaceful allure
chim chim cape a truly natural masterpiece in con dao Chim Chim Cape, a truly natural masterpiece in Con Dao
bustling sea turtle nesting season in con dao Bustling sea turtle nesting season in Con Dao
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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

Tau Be Cape is located on Co Ong Road, about 7km east of the center of Con Dao.

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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

It is surrounded by steep and huge rocks, forming an arc embracing the cape, according to Giao Thong Newspaper.

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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

Boasting crystalline seawater, Tau Be Cape is one of the preferred stops of tourists when coming to Con Dao.

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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

Tau Be Cape is praised as one of the most stunning places to admire the sunrise in Con Dao. Tourists should come here from 4:45 am to thoroughly contemplate the glamorous sunset scenery.

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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

The sun gradually comes out behind Hon Bay Canh. The reflection of glorious sunset hue in blue seawater completes the already magnificent beauty of the cape.

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Photo: Giao thong Newspaper

Taking a dip into the cool turquoise water and take in fresh air certainly help tourists forget all tiredness of daily hustle.

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Photo: Cuong Phan

One secluded destination in Tau Be Cape is the “open-air” swimming pool nestled amidst the imposing mountains resembling the Europe landscapes.

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Photo: Cuong Phan

A traveler said that he does not think there is such a magical place in Vietnam until he had the chance to go swimming here in mid-June. Even some local people do not know this amazing place, he added.

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Photo: Cuong Phan

To reach this special swimming pool, tourists only either go by canoe or small boat. There is no road going down from the cliffs as they are extremely dangerous and slippery.

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Tau Be Cape is an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and exploration lovers. Photo: Vntravelive

Only 800m from Tau Be lies Chim Chim Cape which is also a truly masterpiece bestowed by Mother Nature in Con Dao. The cape possesses multi-colored and shaped rocks along with crystal-clear and jade water.

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Chim Chim Cape Photo: Con Dao Trip

Along the road of Co Ong, visitors also have the chance to bask in dreamy landscapes of many other places such as Bai Dam Trau, Bai Nhat, or Bai Dat Doc, etc.

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