The innocent and lovely looks of children in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is very well-known for its majestic scenery of mountains, passes and terraced fields. However, visitors may be impressed by the another thing which is the innocent and lovely looks of children in the remote and mountainous region.
August 08, 2020 | 07:50
mind blowing scenery of dong van karst plateau geopark Mind-blowing scenery of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark
five dead two injured in ha giang flooding more rains forecast Five dead, two injured in Ha Giang flooding, more rains forecast
floods and landslides kill five cause us 35 ml property in loss Floods and landslides kill five, cause US$3.5 ml property in loss
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Dispite of poverty, the faces of children in Ha Giang are still shining. Photo: Tien Phong

Located about 300 km from Hanoi to the north, Ha Giang is home to 22 different ethnic minorities with different cultures, dialects and customs, but the majority of them are living under poverty line.

Ha Giang has cool climate all year round. Coming to Ha Giang, you’ll get the chance to admire spectacular landscapes such as Dong Van plateau, Quan Ba Twin mountains, ancient palace of the H’mong King, Ma Pi Leng pass and Lung Cu flagpole.

However, Ha Giang does not only lure visitors by its authentic, pristine and mysterious scenery but also its people. When travel Ha Giang, there is one thing that may strongly impress to visitors which is innocent beauty of children in this mountainous north-west province. Their Jet-black eyes, rosy cheeks, with innocent smiles are unforgettable.

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Funny face expression in front of photographer's len. Photo: Tien Phong
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Innocent smiles. Photo: Tien Phong
3122 hg4
Brotherhood. Photo: Vietnamtourism
3116 capture
Shinning Smile. Photo: Vietnamtourism
3126 hg7

The simple, innocent and sunny smile of a little girl. Photo: Do Huu Linh

3121 hg3
The litte girl is sulking because of provocation. Photo: Vietnamrourism
3119 hg2
Being curious with cameramen. Photo: Vietnamrourism

3124 hg5
"Tag, You're It". Photo: Vietnamrourism
3117 hg1
Running nose due to coldness. Photo: Vietnamrourism
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