The Leadership Role of Vietnam's Communist Party Impresses Argentinian Scholar

Argentinian scholar Gastón Fiorda shared his impression of the leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2024). He believed that under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people have achieved extremely great achievements in defense and national construction, and the overall reformation of the country.
January 30, 2024 | 14:51

Argentinian journalist and scholar, Gastón Fiorda, is a researcher on Southeast Asian issues by the Argentine National Radio (RNA). In a recent interview, he shared his impression of the 94th anniversary of establishing the Communist Party of Vietnam. Over the past 94 years, the Party has shown bravery and talent to adapt flexibly to all challenges of the times, said Fiorda.

Gastón Fiorda
Argentinian scholars Gastón Fiorda (Photo: VNA).

Gastón Fiorda spent many years researching President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese history. According to the results of his research, he highlighted that the Vietnamese people, under the leadership of the Party, always show the ability to adapt to all circumstances to develop, even in times when the whole world fell into tragic circumstances such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The foreign journalist also shared that he recently visited Vietnam. This is his first time to return to Vietnam after 6 years and he was extremely impressed with Vietnam's development achievements, in infrastructure, public transportation, especially in the urban areas, He saw that life has improved significantly in Vietnam with a growing middle class, an aspirational young generation who integrated into society with enthusiasm to demonstrate their talents. All of these achievements, said Fiorda, are thanks to the correct direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The leadership role of the Party creates a stable society both politically and legally, with long-term development policies and programs for the Vietnamese people.

Argentinian scholar article
An article on Vietnam's bamboo diplomacy was posted on Equilibrium Global Argentina on January 1, 2024 (Photo: VNA).

According to Fiorda, the country always promotes economic development, and diversity and expands cooperative relations with all countries while preserving cultural identity and protecting the country's good traditions. In a country with 100 million people, the features of daily life in Vietnam still show cultural values ​​such as respect for teachers, respect for religion, respect for elders, and freedom to practice belief and religion, while each citizen also has the right to develop their full potential. This shows the wise leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam in leading the people not only in political and economic aspects but also in cultural and social life.

Referring to Vietnam's foreign policy, Fiorda emphasized the unique value of the " bamboo diplomacy" that has brought Vietnam an increasingly greater role in the international arena. Vietnam has shown its pragmatism, understanding and adaptability, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment amid the context of competition between major countries. At the same time, the foreign policy takes advantage of the favorable international standards to further innovate, protect, and enhance the country's global position.

The Argentinian scholar believed the Communist Party of Vietnam has been "flexible" and "meeting the full potential" with its relationships with major countries and the world. This leads to a strategic balance in those relationships, constantly of being respectful towards national independence and self-determination. For example, in 2023, Vietnam welcomed many foreign high-level leaders, such as US President Joe Biden's visit in September and the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping's visit in December.

Also, Vietnam has diplomatic relations with nearly 200 countries around the world. It has taken full advantage of free trade agreements with countries and regions. Vietnam proactively integrates deeply into the activities of international organizations, and multilateral organizations, and promotes international cooperation on a global scale.

"Vietnam currently has an extremely important position in ASEAN and can sit on par discussing all topics with any European or Asian country. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, Vietnam has gained an important position in the international arena," exclaimed Fiorda.

Journalist Gastón Fiorda is in charge of the program called "Argentina Hello Vietnam" in Spanish, a cooperation program between the National Radio of Argentina and the Voice of Vietnam's Foreign Affairs Department (VOV5). He is the First prize winner of the 6th National Foreign Information Award of Vietnam. Also, he is the first Latin American guest lecturer at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University, Hanoi) to discuss his doctoral thesis research on the Vietnamese people's post-war reconstruction.

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