Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots

Head to the world’s highest dams, towers, and suspension bridges, and other astonishing spots to jump from.

Our 10 craziest bungee jump picks are located everywhere from Asia over Europe to Africa – If you love bungee jumping, take a look and choose which destination to be in your bucket list.

1. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, China.

Straddled between two cliffs in China's Hunan province, a 430-meter glass-bottomed suspension bridge offers the world's highest bungee jump from a footbridge, reported by The Reuters.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
A new 260-meter-high (853 feet) bungee-jump platform will be added to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in August 2018. Photo: CNN

A worldwide bungee jumping challenge was created in 2018 by Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge to promote the attraction and many famous bungee enthusiasts were invited to try it out. The actually grand opening was delayed due to restrictions imposed by the Chinese government because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bungee jumping operation finally opened to the public at the end of 2020. The long wait added to the excitement of bungee lovers but the operator only allow up to 20 jumps per day. To compensate for the lack of foreign tourists, the cost of a jump has been cut by around 40% to RMB 1,998 (roughly US$ 306).

2. Bhote Kosi River Bridge, Nepal

Conceived from the start to be a bungee jumping bridge, the Bhote Kosi was the second-highest suspension footbridge in the world after the Niouc bridge in Switzerland. In 2006 it moved into 3rd place when Japan’s Kokonoe "Yume" Otsurihashi bridge opened.

the owners of Bhote Kosi scouted several locations in the region around Kathmandu, Nepal before they found the perfect site for their operation in the Dolakha region, Northern Nepal, cited fromHighest Bridges. The spot opened for operation since 1999.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
The jump is one of the longest free-fall dives in the world of bungee jumping. Photo: Exquisite Nepal

The bridge is located approximately 56.3 km northeast of Kathmandu, Nepal, and requires a 5 hour round trip drive. This bungee jump costs approximately NPR 12,789 (US$108).

This particular spot is rather remote, which is a great way to meet fellow jumpers and get some adventure time in beautiful densely-forested mountainous region. The bridge site is called The Last Resort and also encompasses hiking, rafting and mountain biking as well as overnight stays in a tent.

3. Macau Tower, Macau, China

Macau Tower, is not stranger to adrenaline seekers. The glamorous resort city of Macau on the South China Sea is home to the Macau Tower which opened in 2001. After Macau businessman, Dr. Stanley Ho Hung-Sun got so impressed the Auckland Sky Tower (New Zealand), he wanted one like it to be constructed in his city.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
Jumpers from the Macau Tower in China accelerate to a top speed of 220 km per hour. Photo: CNN

The building itself is 338 m high, however, the bungee platform is at 233 m. During your free fall, you see incredible views of the Zhejiang River Estuary and the area of Taipa across the bay. In summer, it is also possible to do a nighttime bungee jump, for an added thrill, seeing the bright lights from the casinos that never sleep.

So make sure to keep your eyes wide open and take it all in since the fall lasts for only 6 seconds. This bungee jump costs aroundHK$ 2,888 (US$ 370).

4. Victoria Bridge Falls, Zimbabwe

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
A jump with a magnificent view. Photo: TripAdvisor

Victoria Bridge Falls in Zimbabwe overlooks Victoria Fall, the largest waterfall in the world. The bridge is 107 years old, 111m tall, and located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. That's why jumping off this bridge is extremely thrilling even though it is not the highest spot. The experience is described as free-falling for 80 meters and then swinging momentarily in the mist while listening to the sounds of the tumultuous waters rushing past.

Beyond bungee jumping, the Victoria Falls is an outdoor sports hot-spot and is definitely worth a trip, boasting incredible adventure activities such as whitewater rafting, ziplining, gorge swinging, or even helicopter flights.

The cost in Zimbabwean Dollar will be ZWL 54,096 (US$ 168).

5. Nevis Highwire, Queenstown, New Zealand

When in New Zealand, you have got to take the plunge. After all, you are in the land of adventure. This bungee jumping point is about 134 m tall in the middle of Nevis River Valley.

Less than 9 seconds of falling from this nail-biting bungee will leave your veins pumping with adrenaline. It is a perfect group activity as they allow up to 2 people per jump. In case you will still jump alone but the suspension bridge has a glass floor so that friends can watch and film you being a daredevil. The cost is NZD 217 (US$ 155).

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
The happy expression of jumpers in Nevis. Photo: Everything Queenstown

One important note is that the spot is not accessible by private vehicles and you will have to take a shuttle from Queenstown from the company’s store. It almost takes 40 minutes to reach to the bungee point, cited from Travel Triangle.

6. Navajo Bridge, Arizona, US

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
The twin bridges at the Grand Canyon National Park. Photo: Quora

Compared to the 5th spot, the fall at this spot is two times faster and two times the number of bridges. You will find not one but two bridges on the Colorado River and the fall into the river is expected to last 4 seconds. You will jump while bewildering views of the famous Grand Canyon National Park.

Jumping off from a height of 141.5 meters from this bridge and dipping in the refreshing water will definitely make you scream with joy and adrenaline rush. The jump will cost about US$ 243.

7. Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland, Finland

Mark your calendar for the Bungee Jumping Festival in Kaivopuisto Park (July-August), where you will jump from a special crane instead of a bridge or a dam. Enjoy Finland's craziest bungee jump where jumpers are lifted all the way up to 150 meters by the 500 tons mobile crane!

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
A crane used as a platform for 150m high bungee jumps in Kaivopuisto. Photo: J.Helaahoski

Get ready for a whirl-winding hurl from this bungee jumping point located in one of the country’s oldest parks. Another fun bucket list idea is free-fall jump onto the platforms in the ocean and even mix cocktails with bungee which they call ‘pub bungee’. We certainly advise you to drink responsibly.

You don't have to spend as much for bungee jumping here compared to the other spots. This bungee jump costs EUR 93 (US$ 108).

8. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

At the height of 220 m, this spot can make your Hollywood dream come true. In the 007' movie GoldenEye from the 90s, James Bond did the jump scene so well, people seek the same experience by coming to this dam, which made its fame.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
Verzasca Dam Bungee Jump - A famous tourist spot. Photo: ExplorAlp

Try the famous ‘007’ jump for the cost of around EUR 184 (US$ 213) and feel no less than an action movie star. Since it is a crowded spot, make sure you have the reservations in advance. There are many names for the dam, some call it Contra Dam, others Locamo Dam, depending on your departing location.

9. Artuby Bridge, Verdon Gorge, France

This stunning arch bridge is located near the famous water sports spot in Verdon Gorge. Spanning the Artuby River and its namesake canyon, just before it flows into the larger Verdon canyon, the Artuby bridge is an amazing destination for bungee jumping.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
Jumpers jump into the canyon. Photo: Alterra

Opened in 1946, this bridge offers stunning views of the valleys. At 182 m high, with a jump length of 160 meters, you will have your sweet moment to take all the rush of the after-jump while being lowered down into the canyon. Here's your chance to get to see the bridge from a whole different vantage point.

This bungee jump costs approximately EUR 105 (US 121).

10. Bras de la Plaine Bridge, Reunion Island

Reunion Island is a French territory located east of Madagascar Island in the Indian Ocean. At the Bra de la Plaine Bridge, you will have an exclusive view of most of the Indian Ocean, the splendid Cilaos Circus mountain ranges, and even the majestic “Piton des Neiges” volcano. Seeing the surroundings while making a free-fall is a must-try for bungee lovers.

Top 10 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Spots
The first bungee jump in Reunion Island is at the Bra de la Plaine Bridge. Photo: Highest Bridge

The jumping spot is at 110 m over the ground, the bridge opens up to Canyon, where you can witness the virgin sceneries of the Reunion Island. This jump costs EUR 90 (US$ 105)per person.

Check out the following important tips before bungee jumping: wear comfortable clothes, schedule a checkup to make sure you are fit enough to do the jump and on that day do not overeat.

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