"Vietnam is A Success Story of Internet Accessibility"

The statement was made by Paul Wilson, Director General of the Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) at the annual Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) Internet Conference 2024. The theme of the event was 'Safety and sustainability of Internet infrastructure in the face of new technology development," gathering a large number of managers, leaders of organizations, businesses and domestic and international experts.
June 13, 2024 | 14:24
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In particular, Paul Wilson said that Vietnam can be considered a success story of developing, distributing and bringing widespread Internet services to the public.

APNIC Director General Paul Wilson (Photo: APNIC).

Another important milestone over the past 30 years, according to APNIC Director General Paul Wilson, is the multi-stakeholder Internet management model that has been developed.

"This management model is a structure in which all individuals and organizations participate in Internet development in different aspects, including governments, technology organizations, business organizations, businesses, service providers, platforms, content developers... Thereby, all parties can discuss and interact with each other towards a common goal of ensuring safe and sustainable Internet environment with reliable development," said Paul Wilson、

One of the most successful points of the Internet is its compatibility with innovation, he added.

"I recommend that the Vietnamese Internet community, including government agencies, economic sectors and users, gather together, share experiences, as well as challenges in development and implementation. Internet management, to have mutual understanding and join hands to develop the Internet. I think that is the way for the Internet to continue to grow and serve people in a truly successful way in the coming period," Paul Wilson stated.

Also at the VNNIC Internet Conference 2024, VNNIC Director Nguyen Hong Thang emphasized that internet infrastructure is the core infrastructure for digital transformation, digital economic development and digital society.

Thang said that the first and biggest challenge is the safety and sustainability of the Internet. This is a matter of awareness of the need to ensure safety at the infrastructure layer, creating the foundation for long-term development.

“Infrastructure is very important for development. Internet infrastructure is the core infrastructure for digital transformation, digital economic development, and digital society," Thang affirmed.

There is also a challenge in how to effectively use Internet resources when building Internet infrastructure and developing a larger Internet address space to meet the connection needs of the constantly increasing number of devices connected to the Internet.

Since officially connecting to the global internet in 1997, Vietnam's Internet infrastructure has grown rapidly, becoming larger in scale, faster in connection and implementing more modern technology.

According to statistics, from a single independent network, by 2024, Vietnam's Internet will have nearly 1,000 networks with independent IPs and network numbers connected to each other. After 30 years of ".vn" - national domain names being present on the global Internet, Vietnam has more than 610,000 ".vn" domain names, ranking 2nd in ASEAN, 10th in the Asia-Pacific region and 40th in the world. Vietnam is also one of the 10 highest countries globally in terms of conversion rate using IPv6 addresses.

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