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Vietnam obtains golden opportunities with notable success in COVID-19 fight

July 09, 2020 | 06:54

With extraordinary achievements in combating COVID-19, Vietnam has attained golden opportunities remarkably in export, investment, and domestic consumption promotion which accelerate the country’s economic resilience.

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imf vietnam boasts a successful example of how a developing country can fight a pandemic IMF: Vietnam boasts a successful example of how a developing country can fight a pandemic
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Nervous and desperate are feelings that many people in the world have to experience as the second wave of the coronavirus comes along in their country. In contrast, Vietnam has gone through over two months without any community infections and life returning to the normalcy ensuring the dual goals of both developing economies and preventing the epidemic.

Vietnam has shared experiences in its COVID-19 fight with numerous countries in the world and Vietnamese people should be proud of outstanding leadership and timely guidance of the government leading to this success reported VOV.

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The Vietnamese government cares about overseas Vietnamese and makes efforts to bring them back safely amid COVI-19 pandemic Photo: VOV

British pilot COVID-19 patient was admitted to the hospital as the whole world recorded only 1 million infectious cases; now, when he is declared to fully recover, the number of infected patients has reached more than 11 million. He said that “If I had been anywhere else on the planet, I would have died”.

Patient 91 is expected to return his country on a business flight on July 12. Saving his life from the dead’s door is the pride of Vietnam’s health sector in compliance with the government’s commitment that “no COVID-19 patients are left behind”.

The global economy has severely stagnated with negative growth, the Vietnamese economy has still boosted by 1.81 percent although this figure may be considered as the lowest growth over the past 10 years. Previously, Vietnam used to be known as an emerging economy; now, the country has been widely identified as making great differences in successfully controlling COVID-19 and attempting to develop the economy.

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With extraordinary achievements in combating against COVID-19, Vietnam has attained golden opportunities Photo: Reuters

Vietnam also demonstrates to the world that in spite of being a developing nation, its health sector has approached to the world standards. Under the leadership and drastic direction of the government, the entire political system joined hands to manage the disease. This also indicates that not only developed countries with the hundreds of billions of dollars medical equipment system can effectively fight against epidemics, but an entire population medicine system has also worked, added VOV.

During the combat against COVID-19, the Vietnamese government always determines that protecting the health and lives of citizens is the top priority, regardless of Vietnamese or expats.

Every Vietnamese citizen hopes for the distinction, spirit, attitude, and determination of departments and localities. Therefore, the positive attitude along with appropriate measures would help Vietnam acquire other considerable accomplishments post-COVID-19.

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