Vietnam Top Destinations: Little Island- enthralling summer tourism paradise in Ly Son Island

Little Island in Ly Son Island is praised as summer paradise for beach lovers as it boasts white sand beaches, emerald crystal-clear sea, and magnificent sedimentary cliffs formed millions of years ago.
July 16, 2020 | 06:09
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A beach on Little Island in Ly Son Photo: Shutterstock/Big Pearl.

Located about 3 nautical miles to the Northwest of Ly Son Island, Little Island (also known as An Binh Island) covers an area of ​​about 0.69 km2, with a population of 500 hundred people.

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A Little Island amid the vast sea Photo: Bao Quang Ngai

Situated in the middle of the sea, Little Island has a serene atmosphere along with exceptionally pristine beauty. From the port in Ly Son Island, it takes 15 minutes to reach Little Island by canoe.

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Rows of green coconuts, rugged cliffs and jade green hues of beaches Photo: Bao Quang Ngai

Little Island is not as crowded as other renowned islands but it exerts a strong attraction on anyone stepping on it.

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Tourists are eager to take a dip in the jade water Photo: Bao Quang Ngai

From the peaks of Ly Son Island, you can capture in your eyes a tiny but splendid island enveloped by the immense sea which looks like a wonderland everyone desires to explore.

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Little Island- enthralling summer tourism paradise in Ly Son Island District Photo: Vietnam Coracle

Visiting An Binh Island, you can freely stroll and admire the breath-taking scenery. Every morning, the island is bathed in pleasant sunshine; the stretches of garlic fields dotted by small roofs create an exquisite landscape picture.

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A spectacular view at sunset in Little Island Photo: My Tour

Ambling around Little Island, you will have opportunities to admire spectacular beauties such as glamorous sunset and a sparkling night sky full of stars which definitely help you to escape from the chaos of modern life.

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Coming here, travelers are struck by beautiful homestays nestled in the high rows of coconuts. Photo: Bao Quang Ngai
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Visitors can enjoy a peaceful ambiance in bungalows lying right at the beach.
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Tourists enjoy taking photos with a lonely tree on Little Island Photo: Bao Quang Ngai

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The turquoise and clean sea in Little Island Photo: Bao Quang Nga

Volcanic sedimentary cliffs formed millions of years ago mingle with the emerald and jade green hues of beaches create an artistic masterpiece of nature.

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The island is home to garlic. Photo: Bao Quang Ngai

The island is home to intriguing garlic and onion farms. Besides sightseeing, tourists can buy garlic as gifts for relatives and friends.

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