Vietnamese Culture Leaves Deep Impression at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Vietnam has presented the world with unique cultural values in "The Eternal Flow" program for the Vietnam National Day, part of the EXPO 2020 Dubai.
January 12, 2022 | 15:48
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ta Quang Dong - Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, artistically directs the program Endless Flow.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ta Quang Dong, deputy minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, directs the program "The Eternal Flow." Photo: Dantri

After returning from Dubai, the artists participating in the show The Eternal Flow still feel proud. The success of the Grand Art fashion shows The Eternal Flow is appreciated and opens the roadmap for implementing the Vietnamese cultural development strategy to 2030.

During EXPO 2020 Dubai, Vietnam National Day has left a surprising impression on all visitors and host country Dubai.

Many activities introduced the unique and attractive cultural and artistic features of Vietnam such as the Eternal Flow Art Program, the screening of Vietnamese short films at Al Wasl Square, and Vietnam Film Week.

The program had a large number of Vietnamese actors attending, achieving good artistic quality. The program introduced Vietnam's unique artistic and cultural heritage, from brocade patterns of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, a bamboo dance of the Thai ethnic group to traditional Vietnamese musical instruments.

Vietnamese Culture Introduced at EXPO 2020 Dubai
The program had a large number of Vietnamese actors attending. Photo: Dantri

The combination of these values with modern life through melodies, dances, and fashion can bring world audiences closer to Vietnam, which is rich in national identity.

The art program opened with an introduction to Vietnamese culture through the narration of MC Kieu Hai Chuyen and Anthony Hoang:

"Our Vietnam is a country with more than 4,000 years of history. During the flow of the journey of developing the country, we are always proud of the special cultural features created from the process of nation-building and defense.

Despite many ups and downs, these unique cultural features have not been lost, but continue to be passed on from generation to generation. It is like a precious heritage that the whole nation has always cherished, and fostered to contribute to the formation of a beautiful and brilliant Vietnamese cultural identity."

Vietnamese Culture Introduced at EXPO 2020 Dubai
To participate in the 6-day 5-night journey, all participants must undergo 6 Covid-19 tests, including 4 PCR tests and 2 rapid tests. Photo: Dantri

With music, Designer Vu Viet Ha's Silk Ao Dai fashion collection offered an attractive cultural space. Inspired by famous landmarks of Vietnam, the world-recognized Vietnamese heritages combined with traditional embroidery techniques have introduced the image of Vietnam on the Ao Dai.

Ao Dai made of silk with images of Vietnam's natural heritages is delicately hand-embroidered. That's how designer Vu Viet Ha wants to convey love and pride for the country, and send an invitation to friends from 5 continents to visit Vietnam.

The brocade collection of designer Chula was performed in "Highland Echoes," performed by the Vietnam Circus Federation, the Central Highlands gong artisans (Dak Nong province). The bamboo dance, the melody of gongs - instruments from the past are passed down as echoes from the heroic past.

Vietnamese Culture Introduced at EXPO 2020 Dubai
Sets of Ao Dai are performed at the program. Photo: Dantri

In the cultural space of Vietnam, the appearance of fashion collection "Dream Blossom" by designer Ly Qui Khanh has pushed up the emotions of an art and fashion show.

The creativity of his work is a testament to the youthful and playful reinterpretation of fashion and cultural heritage, offering a unique and global vision from one of the most prominent designers in Vietnam.

The program has the participation of more than 150 artists, artisans, models and actors performing ethnic musical instruments from the Theater of Vietnam music dance and song, Vietnam Circus Federation.

Vietnamese Culture Introduced at EXPO 2020 Dubai
Photo: Dantri

In the program "Eternal Flow", the presentation on the world's largest dome, AL WASL, with the image of Vietnam's national flag for 2 minutes brought emotions to all overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese present here.

Then, a short film about the origins of Vietnamese ethnic groups based on folklore, the descendants of the Dragon and the Fairy, brought pride and honor to the nation.

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[Photos] Vietnam National Day held at World Expo 2020 Dubai

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