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Vietnamese fishermen join hands in ensuring order at sea


March 20, 2020 | 07:26

Thanks to the active participation and high sense of responsibility of fishermen, Binh Dinh province has promoted order and security in its waters.

Binh Dinh’s Hoai Nhon district has six communes with over 22,000 households. Among them, 60 percent have been living off of aquaculture and offshore fishing activities, and fishery services.

Over the past time, local Party committees and authorities have effectively worked with the provincial Border Guard Command to carry out solutions in order to boost the local fishery sector in combination with fostering the program of protecting national sovereignty and shared maritime border.

Vietnamese fishermen join hands in ensuring order at sea
Vietnamese fishermen join hands in ensuring order at sea
A Binh Dinh provincial border guard provided local fishermen with fishing regulations

Before going to the sea, Huynh Quang Dao, a ship owner in Tam Quan Bac commune, Hoai Nhon district, always carefully instructs his ship’s captain and crewmembers on the importance of teamwork, mutual support among trawlers, and on how to deal with unexpected situations while fishing at sea.

In addition, Dao also pays much attention to instruct the fishermen to seriously observe fishing regulations and not violate foreign waters. When discovering foreign ships illegally enter Vietnam's territorial waters, they should immediately report to border guard and coast guard forces to promptly address such situations.

Dao affirmed that these instructions are the responsibility and duty of fishermen while doing business in the country’s waters.

Reportedly, Dao’s trawler is among nearly 2.100 fishing boats from 526 groups in Hoai Nhon district. They not only do business at sea but also play an important role in disseminating information on and participating in safeguarding order and shared maritime border.

According to Nguyen Chi Cong, Deputy Chairman of the Hoai Nhon district People’s Committee, such a model has effectively encouraged local fishermen to continue their offshore fishing.

Meanwhile, Major Huynh Cong Loi from the Tam Quan Nam Border Post under the provincial Border Guard Command, shared that the border guard force is the firm mainstay of local fishermen in fishing at sea and plays an essential role in protecting order and security at sea.

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