Vietnamese Parliament Becomes Member of APPF Executive Committee

The Vietnamese National Assembly (NA) was selected to join the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) in the next four-year term at the final plenum of the forum’s 29th annual meeting (APPF-29) on December 15 afternoon.
December 16, 2021 | 07:49
Vietnamese Parliament Becomes Member of APPF Executive Committee
The Vietnamese delegation at the APPF-29. Photo:

Apart from the Vietnamese parliament, those of Japan and New Zealand were also approved to be members of the Executive Committee for the new term, which will last from the APPF-30 to the APPF-33, Nhan dan (People) reported.

The meeting adopted a joint communiqué showing the member parliaments’ determination to enhance multilateral parliamentary cooperation and boost solidarity for post-pandemic recovery.

They also welcomed the Legislative Council of Brunei, from an observer, becoming a member of the APPF. Meanwhile, the parliament of the Republic of Korea handed over the APPF chairmanship to the Thai counterpart, which is scheduled to host the APPF-30 in 2022.

Earlier the same day, the member parliaments discussed the Asia-Pacific cooperation at the third plenary session.

They stressed that the region and the world are facing unprecedented challenges which have severely affected socio-economic development. They pointed out the need to strengthen parliamentary cooperation among the APPF members to cope with these issues and work towards sustainable development.

Le Thu Ha, standing member of the NA’s Committee for External Relations, said the parliament of Vietnam, a country highly vulnerable to climate change, has approved many legal documents creating the legal basis for efforts against this global phenomenon, enhanced ties with other legislatures, and coordinated with international organizations.

Attending the APPF-29, the Vietnamese NA delegation contributed many important ideas to the meeting, and the opinions were reflected in the event’s joint communiqué.

Promoting cooperation in digital economy

Vietnamese Parliament Becomes Member of APPF Executive Committee
National Assebly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue. Photo:

In his recorded speech at the second session of the APPF-29 on December 14, NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue hailed the Asia-Pacific region, with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum at the core, for taking the lead in ensuring a free, open, non-discriminatory and transparent trade and investment environment; strengthening economic and supply chain connectivity; promoting cooperation in digital economy and innovation, and reforming structure to create new driving forces for economic recovery as well as sustainable and inclusive development.

In the above fields, parliaments have played an important role in promoting recovery measures on a large scale, as demonstrated via their functions of law building, supervision and adoption of important national policies, he said as cited by VietnamPlus.

In such a spirit, Hue agreed with the APPF-29’s economic and trade agenda, saying that they show member parliaments’ determination to foster cooperation and accelerate sustainable economic recovery following the pandemic.

He highlighted Vietnam’s consistent policy of optimizing the human factor, considering people the center, the subject and the most important resource and target in socio-economic development till 2030, as well as in the fight against the pandemic.

According to him, Vietnam considers digital economy and e-commerce as one of the driving forces and priorities in its growth recovery and Covid-19 adaptation policies, in parallel with green, circular, sustainable and eco-friendly growth.

The Vietnamese NA leader suggested APPF member parliaments continue fine-tuning legal frameworks and national institutions, enhance the sharing of law building and supervision experience in e-commerce in line with relevant national laws and policies and international commitments.

He called on them to approve mutual recognition agreements on vaccination when necessary, cooperate in the production and sharing of vaccines and medicines, facilitate traveling among nations, ensure smooth supply chains, and promote economic connectivity, particularly digital connectivity./.

Vietnamese Parliament Becomes Member of APPF Executive Committee
The APPF-29 was held in the form of teleconference. Photo: VNA

The Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) is a loosely-structured and non-exclusive forum which seeks to provide opportunities for national parliamentarians of the Asia-Pacific region to: identify and discuss matters of common concern and interest and highlight them in a global context; deepen their understanding of the policy concerns, interests and experiences of other countries in the region; examine the critical political, social, and cultural developments resulting from economic growth and integration; encourage and promote regional cooperation at all levels on matters of common concern; and further a sense of regional cohesion, understanding and cooperation.

National parliamentarians are able to participate in the APPF either as delegates of their parliaments or in their personal capacities.

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