Vietnamese residents in highland province spend nights to register citizen ID

Busy working all days on the fields, or studying at schools, many people in Meo Vac district (Ha Giang) must spend night time to register for their chip-attached citizen identifications.
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Near 22:00 last night (March 9), the headquarters of police in Meo Vac district and Meo Vac town, Ha Giang province, were still crowded with local people who came to register for their chip-attached citizen identifications. Those people are mainly H'Mong ethnic, and teachers in the region who busy working all day. Therefore, the evening is the only time of the day that they can go to the police.

A large number of people in the Meo Vac district took advantage of the evening to get to the police office to register for citizenship cards. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Most of the people here are H'Mong ethnic. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Mr. Cay said that because he was busy working on the fields during the day, he only had time to get his identification card at night. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Ms. Ninh had to work all day as a teacher. (Photo: Dan Tri)

Mr. Ly Mi Coay (H'Mong ethnic group, Xom Tu village, Meo Vac town) said that in this season, people here had to spend a large amount of time burning up the old fields and sow maize. Therefore, after receiving notification from the authority, he came here at night o get an identity card.

"There is no time during the day, I spend all day on the field. So yesterday when I received a notice from the village head saying that I need to go to the police office to get my identity card tonight, so I decided to come here to complete the task. The police here are very enthusiastic and thoughtful", Cay said.

Ms. Mua Thi Mai (H'Mong ethnic group, Meo Vac town) said that her husband worked as a driver during the day, while she was busy on the fields, so the couple came here at night to register their chip-attached citizenship ID.

The people are guided heartily by the police staff. (Photo: Dan Tri)
A staff help a citizen to get the fingerprint. (Photo: Dan Tri)
The work was carefully carried on, even though it was late at night. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Identification cards for the people here are conducted from the beginning of January 2021. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Besides normal working hours, the police here also work all night to create the best conditions for the people. (Photo: Dan Tri)
This helps reduce transporting cost for the people here. (Photo: Dan Tri)
A woman silently waited for her turn. (Photo: Dan Tri)
Captain Bui Van Hieu instructed a citizen. (Photo: Dan Tri)

Ms. Doan Thi Lien - a teacher of Hoa Dao Kindergarten came to the district police office from dusk to get a new identity. According to Ms. Lien, the district police do the night work to create favorable conditions for people here, especially the ethnic minorities. They had been more proactive in terms of working time to promptly issue new identity cards.

Answering Dan Tri reporters, Captain Bui Van Hieu - Deputy Head of the Police Department of Social Administrative Management in Meo Vac District Police said that the implementation of citizen identification took place from the beginning of January 2021.

According to Mr. Hieu, the Meo Vac locals are mostly ethnic minorities, so the district police must be flexible, outside office hours, the police also worked the whole evening to create the best conditions for people.

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