With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively

Many international non-government organisations (INGOs) have shared the view that the Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO)’s companionship and support contribute to allocating aid packages to people quickly and effectively. The organizations have also proposed a number of solutions and initiatives to better the work in the time ahead.
November 19, 2022 | 10:02

VUFO’s companionship and support increasing in both quality and quantity

According to Pham Thu Ba - Human Resources and Organization Development Manager, Plan International Vietnam (PIV), Plan International has posted noted development achievements and successes in Vietnam thanks to the support and efforts of VUFO and its wing - the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) since Plan International decided to operate in the Southeast Asian nation.

Since then, VUFO has played a role in each new project area of ​​PIV and PACCOM in terms of connection, consultation, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and licensing. As a result, the organization's programs and projects are more and more substantive, reaching targeted groups more effectively, and there are more successful models.

With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively
VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga visits a project area launched by PIV in Huong Hiep commune, Dakrong district, central Quang Tri province in September 2022.

Over the past years, VUFO and PACCOM have also actively organized visits and conferences with foreign fundraising offices and donors. The work has been done strategically to further promote Vietnam, the Vietnamese government's priorities and the significance of INGOs operating in Vietnam. The meaningful activity helps organizations like Plan International build up a better image in the donor community.

With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively
Many activities that aim to support localities and are attracting foreign non-governmental aid have been effectively conducted by VUFO and PACCOM in recent years. Photo: Thu Ha

Vietnam has experienced substantial changes over the past nearly three decades with many great achievements. Program and project orientations and support from governments, organizations and individuals through INGOs like PIV must also be improved and reformed to match the new situation.

Instead of focusing on traditional projects repairing, upgrading and building roads, schools, and electricity and health facilities, PIV has paid attention to revamping its activities and worked together with its partners at all levels to ensure rights of children, particularly youths and girls, in both urban and mountainous areas. In remote and far-flung localities, programs have been rolled out in new ways, under which more heed is paid to the communication work to promote project influence. PIV, therefore, faces more challenges and needs more support to operate effectively.

Plan International would like VUFO and PACCOM to pay more attention to the following matters:

Raising the awareness of donors about the significance of INGOs in Vietnam and the priority areas where INGOs can further contribute to Vietnam. Introducing international friends about Vietnam's achievements as well as the groups and communities that still need support from foreign countries in terms of finance, information and knowledge.

Providing policy support to enable INGOs to directly raise funds in Vietnam from local businesses and individuals, thus gradually building budget autonomy and raising Vietnamese people’s understanding about and contributions to development projects.

Helping PIV set up partnerships at the national level to launch programs and projects with more intensive and extensive influence on realizing the rights of children, especially girls. Supporting the enhancement of the engagement of youngsters, particularly young women, so that they can learn, prove their leadership, make decisions and grow.

Further accompanying and supporting INGOs in materialising policies and procedures in an effective and time-saving manner in the fields of registration and registration extension, permits for international seminars, work permits and visas for foreign employees and guests, among others.

Regularly evaluating and recognizing contributions by organizations, and giving feedback and suggestions to improve program quality, thus better serving the community and beneficiaries, especially children.

Database on NGOs aid situation and effectiveness need to be built

Doan Thu Huyen from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said: "Thanks to VUFO's consultancy and connection, we have outlined program priorities and appropriate implementation methods in line with the Government’s orientations and priorities, thus meeting requirements of domestic partners. Over the past 4 years, despite COVID-19 impacts, our organization's financial resources have kept increasing in Vietnam and expanded in terms of scope, quantity and program scale.

With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively
Doan Thu Huyen, from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Photo: Thu Ha

We hope that in the time ahead, VUFO will continue its coordination with relevant ministries and agencies to review and accelerate administrative reform and project licensing procedures. Secondly, VUFO should coordinate information about activities and experience exchange between domestic partners and NGOs as well as among NGOs sharing interests and aid priorities. VUFO should build a database on NGOs aid situation and effectiveness. At the same time, VUFO should organize more forums (through workshops, conferences and seminars and fact-finding activities) with NGOs to share information about and stay updated on legal regulations and guidelines in relevant spheres. Through these activities, we and our domestic partners can evaluate and classify ongoing programs in operation scopes and areas, thereby, avoiding overlapping activities and prioritizing resources in more efficient way.

In addition, VUFO can foster the connection between NGOs and localities that needs and have capacity to receive programs. In particular, we are interested in commitment and ability to ensure reciprocal capital sourced from the state budget during the implementation of activities and after programs conclude to ensure their sustainability. VUFO should take effective measures to call for aid for multi-sectoral programs and other emerging issues such as climate change; urbanization and environmental pollution, elderly health (care service access) and child protection."

"VUFO is an important bridge between INGOs and people"

During its journey, VUFO has played an important role in the Vietnamese government’s international cooperation. In particular, in cooperation with NGOs, VUFO has worked as a bridge between INGOs and all-level authorities and people, said Park Dong Chul, Chief Representative of Good Neighbors International (GNI) in Vietnam

With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively
Park Dong Chul, GNI Vietnam Chief Representative

INGOs, including GNI, are tasked with seeking donors and connecting them with needed people. To perform the task, the connection and support at both central and local levels is very important. We hope that VUFO will carry forward its role and further support NGOs to fulfill the task.

VUFO should work to maintain and promote the cooperation network between NGOs and all-level authorities. In particular, it is essential to publicize information to facilitate the operations of NGOs in different fields and localities.

With VUFO Support, Aid Comes to People Quickly, Effectively
Vu Thi Quynh Hoa, Country Director of Oxfam Vietnam

In addition, VUFO needs to provide information about the Vietnamese government’s medium and long-term national strategies NGOs. Depending on national strategies, INGOs will devise plans and launch necessary projects. In addition, international issues like climate change and policy advocacy for rights of children, women and people with disabilities may need more attention.

Meanwhile, Vu Thi Quynh Hoa, Country Director of Oxfam Vietnam said "VUFO is the most suitable agency to continue carrying out the mission of people-to-people diplomacy, promoting and mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid for Vietnam."

VUFO and PACCOM have well performed their key role in people-to-people diplomacy and coordinating foreign non-governmental aid for Vietnam’s socio-economic development. Specifically, VUFO has coordinated and consulted ministries, branches and localities in approving aid packages, and granting, extending and amending operational registrations of INGOs, and helped with visa procedures and visits by individuals and INGOs to Vietnam. With VUFO’s support, financial and technical aid has come to people quickly and effectively.

"We hope that VUFO will continue to perform well in its missions, functions and tasks in the coming time, mainly focusing on intensifying people-to-people diplomacy activities between Vietnam and the world; and enhancing cooperation and mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid for Vietnam’s development. The country has gained the low-middle-income status, yet there remain many disadvantaged groups in the reality. Therefore, apart from efforts by the groups themselves and the responsibility of authorities, international contributions are significant, and VUFO is the most suitable agency to continue carrying out the mission of people-to-people diplomacy and promoting and mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid for Vietnam," she said

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