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Workers were quarantined, Panasonic Vietnam temporarily closes facility

March 21, 2020 | 10:31

Panasonic Vietnam has decided to temporarily close one of its factories to conduct sterilisation after two employees were quarantined on suspicion of COVID-19.

Workers were quarantined, Panasonic Vietnam temporarily closes facility
Panasonic Vietnam shut down a facility for sterilisation after two employees were quarantined

Under the latest notification of Hanoi’s Dong Anh district, where Panasonic Vietnam is located, two workers of the company were quarantined at the hospital after they developed coughing and mild fever.

The two people travelled to Malaysia on a business trip on March 12 and returned to Vietnam on March 17. One of them went to work at the company office in the morning of March 18 before beginning to have a headache.

They voluntarily went to the hospital for monitoring and testing for possible infection. Today, they have received negative results from the first test, but will continue to have monitoring and treatment at the hospital. However, under regulations, they will have to spend 14 days in isolation.

Panasonic Vietnam has decided to temporarily close the factory of Panasonic Appliances Vietnam (PAPVN) located in Thang Long 1 Industry Park. The company also requested its employees who came in contact with the potentially infected employees in self-quarantine and follow the guidance of the Vietnamese government.

Talking with VIR, Panasonic Vietnam confirmed that, “Right after detecting the potential danger, we have compiled a list of all related employees of PAPVN who had contact with the two employees, instructing them to self-isolate and work from home, in accordance with guidance from the Vietnamese government.”

The Japanese company added that at the same time, they also informed the Management Board of Thang Long Industrial Park 1 and co-operated closely with them in declaring and applying the necessary preventive measures.

“We have decided to temporarily close the PAPVN in Thang Long IP 1 since March 19 and instructed all employees to stay at home to monitor their health,” Panasonic Vietnam told VIR and confirmed that the company will do everything in its power to safeguard the health and rights of its employees by following the tenets of the Labour Code, working regulations, and collective labour agreement.

In the context of the spreading global epidemic, Panasonic Vietnam has suffered unexpected impacts as logistic capacity is getting reduced in line with shrinking of air flight.

“We hope the government will take action to recover and secure the logistics sector. At other subsidiaries of Panasonic Vietnam Group, we continue business as usual. At present, except for the above-mentioned two employees, all of our employees are in good health,” Panasonic Vietnam said.

Panasonic Vietnam Group comprised of eight companies including Panasonic Vietnam and its sales pision of Panasonic Sales Vietnam (PSV), Panasonic Research & Development Center Vietnam (PRDCV), and five manufacturing companies including Panasonic AVC Networks Vietnam (PAVCV), Panasonic Appliances Vietnam (PAPVN), Panasonic System Networks Vietnam (PSNV), Panasonic Industrial Devices Vietnam (PIDVN), Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam (PLSVN), and Panasonic Insurance Service Vietnam (PISVN). The group currently employs a total workforce of about 8,000 people according to its website.

Vietnam is trying hard to stop the virus from spreading to other areas and provinces. So far, Vietnam has recorded today 85 cases of infection, with 16 discharged from hospital after making a full recovery.

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