Young people and their ways of “summer chillin’“with convenient nutritious drinks

Young people have officially turned on the "summer chillin’" mood with many interesting experiential activities. Whether spending time relaxing or challenging yourself in new activities, nutritional drinks are always indispensable for today's active young people.
June 14, 2024 | 19:36
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June marks the start of youth’s long-awaited plans for experiences, rest and relaxation after a series of hours immersed in homework deadlines. Without having to travel far to enjoy the summer vibes, Thuy Duong (2nd year university student in Hanoi) and her close friends organized an outdoor picnic. Fresh fruit and the group's favorite soy-flavored drink can instantly turn on the "summer chillin’" mood.

Young people and their ways of “summer chillin’“with convenient nutritious drinks
Young people spend time taking care of their health and connecting with friends during summer vacation

"For me, summer vacation means the time for relaxation, temporarily putting aside the pressures of studying, and taking care of your physical and mental health," said Thuy Duong.

As a student studying away from home, Thuy Duong shares that she has very little time to cook or pay attention to the nutrition of her daily meals. She has to focus most of her time on studying, participating in university activities and taking part-time jobs to gain experience as well as financially support the family. The months of summer vacation become an ideal opportunity for her to readjust her living habits to be healthier.

Summer is also the time when 22-year-old Thuy Quynh restarts her healthy regimen with exercises and challenging herself with many new sports. "I often spend summer time participating in sports such as jogging, yoga... They will not only help improving my health but also boosting my spirit a lot. They make my summer vacation more meaningful" Quynh said.

Talking about her plan to improve her health, Quynh shared more about the importance of nutritional supplements. According to her, in addition to perseverance in training, a reasonable diet is also a necessary condition to ensure physical and mental effectiveness after sports. That is also the reason why Thuy Quynh started researching and choosing Number 1 Soya soy milk fortified with calcium to be a part of her healthy quest for the past 2 years.

Young people and their ways of “summer chillin’“with convenient nutritious drinks
Many young people choose to challenge themselves with new sports with the help of convenient nutritional drinks.

"Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk is no longer unfamiliar to young people today. For me, this is not only a convenient nutritional drink but also an indispensable item, helping me to feel more confident about my healthy choices. I feel free to challenge myself in new sports or any other interesting experiences in my life" Thuy Quynh shared.

Number 1 Soya Calcium is also the favorite drink of Thuy Duong's group of friends. "The sweet, fresh soy milk flavour easily suit the group's taste so there is no disagreement about what drinks to bring for a day out. The compact, sturdy bottle version means convenience during our outdoor picnic. We can enjoy a drink with our favorite flavour and nutritional supplements without wasting time on elaborate preparation, so Number 1 Soya Calcium is always our number 1 choice" Thuy Duong said.

Young people and their ways of “summer chillin’“with convenient nutritious drinks
Number 1 Soya Calcium is chosen by many young people for their summer experiences

Number 1 Soya Calcium is a bottled beverage produced with cold-filled Aseptic technology from Germany. With strict quality control, this technology not only helps Number 1 Soya Calcium retain the sweet, fresh flavour of pure soy milk but also absolutely preserves nutritional value for consumers with 12-month shelf life without using preservatives.

Besides Thuy Quynh or Thuy Duong's group of friends, Number 1 Soya Calcium is also a familiar beverage of in many activities of many other young people. Each young person will enjoy summer vacation in his or her own way but everyone will always look to add positive values, especially when it comes to boosting health with nutritional products. It is important to keep the body in the best shape for all the exciting activities and self-discovering experiences in the summer.

Ingredients of Number 1 Soya Calcium are from pure soybeans, fortified with calcium to develop strong bones from deep inside. The product says no to preservatives, retains the full flavour and nutritional values from soy and is safe for consumers' health. The new version is specifically aimed at a more convenient experience for consumers. The sturdy packaging and convenient cap help consumers supplement nutritions anytime, anywhere.

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