25 years of Vietnam – America relations: Historical moments

Vietnam- America relation has remarked countless memorable events over the last 25 years. However, now looking back, there are a few moments are truly stood out that have strengthened the rapport between the two countries. These are honored as historical events.    
July 06, 2020 | 15:59
25 year us vietnam relations an extraordinary journey 25-year U.S-Vietnam relations: An extraordinary journey
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1. 11/7/1995 US time zone, in the evening, BBC aired a special event, where the US president Bill Clinton announced the normalization of relation with Vietnam.
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2. The following day July 12, Vietnam Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet announced the beginning of Vietnam – US relation.
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3. 5/8/1995, in Hanoi, Warren Christopher – the US Secretary of State and Vietnamese Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Manh Cam signed the Protocol, officially founded the Vietnam – US relation.

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4. 11/2000, President Bill Clinton visits Hanoi, remarked as the first official visit of a US president to Vietnam after the war. He also removes the Embargos upon Vietnam and normalizes the mutual relation. In the photo, the President was shaking hands with people from a balcony, right after his visit to Quoc Tu Giam Temple.
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5. In 19/11/2003, USS Vandergriff is the first US Navi warship to visit Saigon Port since the Vietnam war. The ship was from the Liver Hazard Perry class.
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6. 6/2005, Prime Minister Pham Van Khai had a meeting with President George W.Bush in Washington D.C. This went down as the first official visit of a Vietnamese PM since the end of the war.
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7. On 31/5/2006, Mr. Luong Van Tu and Mr. Batia – the representative of the US – signed the bilateral agreement for the WTO. Vietnam has been an official member of the World Trade Organization since 11/1/2007
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8. President George W.Bush played Vietnamese Monochord – a traditional Vietnamese musical instrument in a Gala dinner, hosted by President Nguyen Minh Triet. The event took part in The International Events Centre in Hanoi. This was a part of an official visit to Vietnam from 17 to 20/11/2006.
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9. President George W.Bush during a meeting with President Nguyen Minh Triet in an official visit to the US from 18 to 23/6/2007
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10. From 23 to 26/6/2008, PM Nguyen Tan Dung had an official visit to the US by President George W.Bush’s invitation. This is a historical event, elevated the relation between the two countries.
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11. President Barack Obama in a meeting with The General Secretary of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong during an official visit to The US from 06-10/07/2015. This is a memorable moment when, for the first time ever, a General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam officially visited the US.
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12. 22-24/05/2016: President Barack Obama visited the Vietnamese Government. On 23/05/2016, the President announced the complete removal of the weaponry embargo to Vietnam. President Obama was having “bun cha” with the famous chef Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi in the photo.
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13. Vietnam was chosen as the destination for an important conference between the US and North Korea in February 2019. Even though none of the terms were successfully negotiated, but the event remarks on the role of Vietnam in the International ground, especially between the US and North Korea. President Donald Trump and President Kim Jong-un were having a meal together in a dinner, during the first day of the conference. The photo was taken on 27/02/2019

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