4 ideal destinations to "hunt" clouds in Vietnam's Central Highlands

Admiring spectacular sea of clouds has long been a favorite experience for nature lovers.  The following places will complete a perfect cloud-hunting journey.
August 07, 2020 | 15:14
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Cau Dat tea hill

Admiring the sunrise rising from drifting clouds on green hills under the cool weather in Da Lat, Lam Dong is an unforgettable experience for visitors.

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About 25 km from the center of Da Lat city, Cau Dat tea hill is one of the favorite destinations to hunt clouds among youngsters.

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Unlike the majestic and breathtaking beauty in the Northwest mountainous region, the sea of ​​clouds in Da Lat boasts a dreamy and poetic beauty.

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The wooden bridge amidst the immense space in Cau Dat tee hill is the most preferred check-in spot. The road leading here is quite difficult to access; however, tourists will surely be offset by its stunning beauty.

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Da Phu hill

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Da Phu hill, about 20 km from the center of Da Lat has also acquired its reputation for viewing glorious clouds. When stepping on here, you will be overwhelmed fresh atmosphere and pristine nature.

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This is also an ideal place for young people to camping overnight. Tourists can have the chance to contemplate the sky full of stars, shimmering Da Lat city at night as well as wait for the sea of ​​clouds slowly drifting under the mountain ranges, according to Zing.

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Mang Den

Besides Da Lat, Tay Nguyen also owns perfect places to hunt clouds, in which Mang Den is the most favored one.

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Located in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province at 1,000 m above sea level, Mang Den is covered by mist all year round.

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The untouched and serene landscapes in Mang Den has enchanted both domestic and foreign tourists. In order to capture the best photos of clouds here, visitors can go trekking to Ngoc Le Mountain or traverse through winding passes.

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Chu Yang Lak Peak

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As an off-the-beaten-track cloud-hunting place, Chu Yang Lak Peak in Chu Yang Sin National Park (Dak Lak) has recently been detected by backpackers.

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To reach the peak of 1,700 m high, trekkers must ascend craggy passes and slippery cliffs, so they should be accompanied by a professional guide. After the prolonged and hard journey, travelers will certainly be strongly impressed by the dreamy landscape of clouds mingling with fog and sunshine.

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