6,000 people parade before 13th National Party Congress

More than 6,000 people, including police officers and soldiers, joined a parade in Hanoi last weekend in preparation for the 13th National Party Congress.
January 11, 2021 | 07:31
13th national party congress preparation spotlighted by russian media 13th National Party Congress’ preparation spotlighted by Russian media
commission to ensure 13th national party congresss press centre runs smoothly Commission to ensure 13th National Party Congress’s press centre runs smoothly
vietnams 13th national party congress to open on january 25 februrary 2 Vietnam's 13th National Party Congress to open on January 25-Februrary 2
5258 parade 1
Male and female mobile forces will ensure security during the congress. Photo: VnExpress

The event was jointly held by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense at the My Dinh Stadium Square.

Those participating the parade will serve as security forces for the National Party Congress, the country’s most important political event in the year scheduled for January 25-February 2.

Male and female mobile forces will ensure security during the congress.

5353 parade 2
Photo: VnExpress

Male mobile police officers, who are equipped with shields, sticks and helmets, will serve as the first shield in case of riots, demonstrations and disturbances.

5444 parade 3
50 female traffic police officers will lead VIP’s vehicles. Photo: VnExpress

For the first time, a team of 50 female traffic police officers will be in charge of leading VIP’s vehicles and maintaining traffic order.

5607 parade 4
Forces from the Ministry of National Defence. Photo: VnExpress

The Ministry of National Defence has also mobilised various forces for the security plan, including commandos of the Hanoi High Command.

5720 parade 5
Photo: VnExpress

Apart from thousands of police officers and soldiers, over 200 vehicles, including four armored ones equipped to deal with anti-terror and hostage rescue operations, will be deployed.

5829 parade 6
Photo: VnExpress

Another four eight-wheel armored carriers, BTR-60 PB, developed by the Soviet Union in the 1950s, will also stand ready. These vehicles, carrying about 14 soldiers each, can float on water and have a speed of 10km per hour.

5911 parade 7
RAM 2000 MKIII flight armored vehicles are produced by Israel. Photo: VnExpress

RAM 2000 MKIII flight armored vehicles, produced by Israel that can run 100 kilometers per hour, will play part in anti-terror and hostage rescue operations.

0006 parade 8
Photo: VnExpress

Two new armored vehicles appeared at the ceremony. The vehicles, equipped with weapons, can carry more than a dozen people each. With this type of vehicle, the mobile police force will have more options to fight terrorism and rescue hostages.

0049 parade 9
Special forces will use bulletproof Hummer H2 vehicles to protect essential personnel. Photo: VnExpress

A team of special forces with special training in anti-terrorism and hostage rescue operations will be mobilized to protect essential personnel.

They will use bulletproof Hummer H2 vehicles that were used at the 12th National Party Congress in 2016 and during the U.S.-South Korea Summit in Hanoi in 2019.

The Party general secretary, prime minister, president and the National Assembly chairperson for the new five-year term will be selected during the upcoming National Party Congress./.

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