A Beloved American Friend Sings The Song for Peace for Vietnam

"Liberate the South" (Giải phóng miền Nam) is a song that Merle Evelyn Ratner - peace-loving American and a close friend of Vietnam often sang in the streets to fight for a peaceful, unified Vietnam in the 60s of the last century.
February 17, 2024 | 17:03

Merle Evelyn Ratner, a left-wing and anti-war activist in the US, and a close friend of Vietnam, passed away in New York City in a traffic accident near her private house on the evening of February 5, 2024 (local time).

In memory of her, on his page, journalist Le Hoang Linh, foreign television department of Vietnam Television, recounted the memory of visiting Merle Ratner's house in 2014 and listening to her and her husband, Professor Ngo Thanh Nhan of New York University, sang the song "Liberate the South".

In the video shared by Linh, Merle Ratner sings the famous song with heroic lyrics, filled with enthusiasm in the guitar sound of Prof. Ngo Thanh Nhan.

According to journalist Le Hoang Linh, this is the song that young students, both Americans and Vietnamese, sang when taking to the streets to protest against the US war in Vietnam during the hot days of the '60s of the last century.

Two of the leaders of that protest movement are Merle Ratner and Nhan. At that time, 16-year-old Merle, dared to climb the Statue of Liberty and wave the red flag with a yellow star to support Vietnam, while Nhan was a patriotic student who participated in many anti-war movements with his friends, Nguyen Thai Binh and Ngo Vinh Long. They also became friends from there.

Linh said that Merle Ratner spent her whole life fighting for Vietnam, fighting for righteousness and justice for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. Listening to the song, he felt his grandparents' deep love for Vietnam.

Video of Merle Ratner and her husband singing the song "Liberate the South":

"Liberate the South" is the English name of the song "Giải phóng miền Nam" - a work composed by musician Luu Huu Phuoc in 1961, on the occasion of the establishment of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. After its birth, "Liberation of the South" quickly became widely popular.

Some of the song's lyrics:

"Vùng lên! Nhân dân miền Nam anh hùng

Vùng lên! Xông pha vượt qua bão bùng

Thề cứu lấy nước nhà! Thề hy sinh đến cùng!

Cầm gươm, ôm súng, xông tới

Vận nước đã đến rồi

Bình minh chiếu khắp nơi

Nguyện xây non nước sáng tươi muôn đời".

Literally translated as

"Arise ! Heroic people of the South

Arise ! Rush through the storm

Swear to save homeland ! Swear to sacrifice until the end!

Hold sword, hug gun, charge on!

The country's chance has arrived.

The sun shines everywhere

We'll build up the motherland forever shining."

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