A Solution to Quickly Recharge Energy

In contact with, Packaging staff always need to be alert and maintain a sufficient source of energy for a long working day dealing with many types of goods which require precision and care.
May 24, 2023 | 21:10

In the heat of summer, sitting next to the pile of goods, Nguyen Lam (32 years old, living in Hanoi) said that he is currently working as a packaging staff for a company selling products on the e-commerce platforms. For 2 years now, he started working at 7 am and finished at 7 pm. There are days of working overtime when he can only finish at 9 pm.

A Solution to Quickly Recharge Energy
Packaging staff often face pressure on daily package quotas. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

Despite getting used to the work, Lam sometimes feels overloaded, especially when looking at the piled-up goods and the high target of the day or when he is unable to deliver goods in time to customers. Before packaging, he must check and select products carefully. “The work is not too difficult, but it requires carefulness and precision. If you are not alert and focusing, it will easily lead to wrong labeling and wrong product delivery to customers. Once I worked for many hours and felt sleepy, I packed the wrong item and had to return it to the customer, which was very costly and time-consuming", said Lam.

In the trend of online shopping and home delivery of goods, the packaging work becomes popular. All supermarkets, businesses dealing in goods, trading shops, etc. recruit many packaging staff.

The primary duty is to pack products before they are shipped to stores or to consumers. They will be responsible for inspecting packaging and labeling the product, then allocating the delivery to the right address. Work performance is calculated on the number of successfully packed goods. Therefore, carefulness, accuracy and concentration are important requirements for this possession.

A Solution to Quickly Recharge Energy
Packaging work requires maximum agility and concentration. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

The higher demand for online shopping means an increase in the number of orders and the workload of packaging staff like Lam. The pressure at work makes him and many others easily fall into a state of laziness, running out of energy.

According to Lam, on peak days he has to pack hundreds of orders and work until late at night, especially when the e-commerce platform runs the sales and discounts programs and customers place more orders. The work is always hands-on and quick. The pressure on the volume of completed quotas plus the constant sitting in the middle of many types of scattered goods made him easily fall into a state of distraction. Especially on summer days when the temperature is high, fatigue and lack of energy are even more evident.

Not only Lam but those who do this job are very easily falling into a state of fatigue and lack of energy. To maintain alertness, Lam often chooses to rest and exercise in the middle of the day, occasionally washing his face to avoid drowsiness. Recently, he found some types of beverages that help maintain alertness and add energy.

“I was introduced to the Number 1 energy drink by supermarket staff. Its taste is quite good and refreshing, especially when adding some ice during summertime. Number 1 energy drink really helps me stay awake to focus better and energize my body. Every day when I go to the warehouse to work, I bring a bottle of Number 1 energy drink," said Lam. Many packaging staff also favor Number 1 energy drink to repel fatigue, sluggishness, and lack of concentration.

A Solution to Quickly Recharge Energy
Number 1 energy drink is a familiar product to consumers in many industries that require alertness and high concentration. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

The Number 1 energy drink product is a drink chosen by many consumers for its easy-to-drink taste and alertness. This product gradually becomes the companion of many consumers, from office workers to long-distance drivers, packaging workers, construction workers... or any professions that require alertness and energy.

Every profession has its own set of challenges and difficulties. However, if we know how to face it and find a solution, completing the job will be easier. An energetic body and excited spirit will help each person become the best version of their own work.

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