How to Harness the Energy to Deal with Tight Workload and KPIs

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for most office workers to both develop plan orientations and speed up implementation, not to mention many other personal projects or extra jobs. Stress and fatigue are unavoidable, so how do they get through this phase?
April 15, 2023 | 12:01

The beginning of the year is a busy time for most office workers. At this time, annual plans and personal KPIs are continuously set out. In addition to the main career, many also look for additional jobs with the desire to have a year of good income. Therefore, the workload from the beginning of the year has become tighter.

At 11:30 p.m., Mai Trang (29 years old), a content creator of a media company in Hanoi is still building the annual plan, writing and editing articles at the requests of her boss and work partners. For her, the beginning of the year is always the busiest time. New projects and work of the team must be planned for the whole year to submit to the boss.

How to Harness the Energy to Deal with Tight Workload and KPIs
Office workers are usually stressful and exhausted when starting to race with the goals at the beginning of the year.

“The work piled up from planning for each month, each quarter to having to complete personal goals. Content projects for partners, the remaining work from last year also makes their workload tighter. Although I am used to deadlines and racing to daily KPI, at the beginning of the year, the working frequency and workload skyrocket leading to lack of sleep and tiredness”, said Mai Trang.

According to Mai Trang, for nearly 2 months now, she has been leaving early and coming home very late. Even when returning home, she cannot leave the laptop but find a quiet space and continue to handle the tasks. Having a double workload, the female office worker inevitably gets tired and lacks sleep for a long time. To avoid falling asleep at night, she usually calls a few close friends and then rushes back to work.

Also having to race to meet the deadlines with high frequency at the beginning of the year, for more than 2 months now, Huyen Bui (25 years old, marketing staff in Da Nang) is always in a state of exhaustion. Huyen Bui shared that the beginning of the year with people in the marketing industry like her is very stressful.

Work partners continuously promote the development of plans and promotion campaigns for the whole year. Because of that, the workload of her team increases significantly, which not only messes up her daily routine but also puts her personal preferences and hobbies aside.

“Besides my main job at the company, I also participate in some projects with my friends. So it can be said that I usually drown in the sea of ​​deadlines at the beginning of the year. On average, I spend about 10-11 hours a day handling work. In the first two months of the year, sleeping 3-4 hours a day is normal. Many times I even fell asleep on the computer desk. At that time it was almost impossible to continue working because my sanity was completely knocked out,” Huyen confided.

How to Harness the Energy to Deal with Tight Workload and KPIs
Number 1 energy drink is chosen by office workers to accompany them during stressful work period.

Most of the office workers are under increased pressure, ardently racing with workload and deadlines to keep up with the schedule. In the KPI race, in the midst of stress and lack of energy, office workers whisper to each other looking for ways to reduce stress and wake up alert. And many have come to the Number 1 energy drink to increase energy and regain alertness and focus.

“A working day for me and my colleagues is usually about writing articles, coming up with ideas and topics for new projects, planning, discussing with the leaders and partners, reporting the results, and then continuing to write and edit the articles. This tight schedule makes the body tired, often exhausted. Number 1 energy drink will bring alertness and energy to meet the deadline, and hand over the work results with the team,” said Mai Trang.

As for Huyen Bui, it will be quite difficult to balance her personal life and a tight workload at the beginning of the year. Instead of trying to reach the KPIs with a tired body, she reduces stress, and awakens alertness for the quality of the work and a healthy body.

In addition to practicing the skill of work arrangement in the order of priority, to avoid exhaustion and distraction, Huyen Bui chooses a drink to increase strength and regain consciousness. Thanks to Number 1 energy drink, she can be creative to handle deadlines and complete goals faster.

Number 1 is an energy drink that brings instant alertness, increased strength to help overcome drowsiness and exhaustion to complete work at the best productivity and effectiveness. This must-have product accompanies office workers during stressful and tiring work seasons to create excitement in the working process.

Balancing focus and creativity at work is essential. Office workers, besides dividing their time and resting scientifically, can choose to use additional drinks to regain their sanity and strength like Number 1 energy drink.

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