A subsidiary of Petro Vietnam to become main fiber supplier for Adidas and Target

Only two years after operations, Petrochemical and Fiber JSC (VNPOLY), a subsidiary of Petro Vietnam, whose fiber and yarn products have been highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers for their quality and trust in use, has recently become the main fiber provider of two famous brands Adidas and Target.
August 18, 2020 | 07:52
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Thanks to improving the quality of products, VNPOLY fiber brands have satisfied the numerous strict requirements of high-end fashion brands. As a measure of its success, VNPOLY has completed 437 tons of fiber batches for Adidas and Target to be used for manufacturing high-quality products.

According to expectations, Adidas and Target will maintain orders with 50 tons of fiber a week. In addition, a number of high-end partners have placed orders for 45-70 tons of drawn twisted yarn (DTY) fiber per month.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted sales of clothes and fashion items, in turn affecting the consumption of fiber in both foreign and domestic markets. Almost all garment and textile enterprises are now operating at reduced capacity. However, during this most difficult period, VNPOLY has not only managed to maintain operations through rigorous efforts, it even managed to successfully expand operations by breaking into the supply chains of some of the largest names in the fashion industry.

In the first seven months of this year, VNPOLY co-operated with partners to produce 2,000 tons of fiber and sold 2,000 tons of products. Orders from long-term partners were maintained. Especially partners from the US, who have famously strict criteria, still ordered 135 tons of DTY fiber in the period, and 90 tons more in August and September.

In addition, despite the difficulties, the company has succeeded in becoming the main fiber provider for international brands in Vietnam namely Adidas and Target.

Basing on the current demand, VNPOLY plans to co-operate with partners to operate between eight and 10 DTY fiber manufacturing lines to complete orders on-time.

The board of directors and shareholders believe that with the increasing quality along with the efforts and unity of its members, VNPOLY will continue to prolong its list of partners.

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