Bac Lieu cuisine check-list

Bac Lieu is famous for its delicious dishes, however, only a few of which can be called "specialties". Below is the list of Bac Lieu dishes that you should not miss when exploring this province.
October 03, 2020 | 15:17
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Stir-fried noodles with grilled meat rolls (Bún xào nem nướng)

Stir-fried noodles with grilled meat rolls (Bún xào nem nướng)

Bac Lieu's stir-fried noodles with grilled meat rolls, which is famous throughout the region, is both delicious and healthful. The dish consists of white noodles served with grilled meat rolls fitted and soy sauce. Each serving costs 30,000 VND (about 1,2 USD). If you have the opportunity to travel to Bac Lieu, do not forget to enjoy this delicious and reasonably-priced dish!

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Ngan Dua silkworm cake (Bánh tằm Ngan Dừa)

Ngan Dua silkworm cake (Bánh tằm Ngan Dừa)

Silkworm cake can be easily found in many parts of the western provinces, but if you want to test the original silkworm cake, then go to Ngan Dua, Bac Lieu - the local where silkworm cake has long become familiar and popular.

Silkworm cake has been made in Bac Lieu - "the land of business" for a long time. At first glance, this dish is easy to make. However, the silkworm cake cook has to be extremely meticulous and careful if he wants to get soft and white silkworm cakes.

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Fish sauce hotpot (Lẩu mắm)

Fish sauce hotpot (Lẩu mắm)

Fermented and fish sauce are the specialties of Bac Lieu. Taking advantage of these sauce dishes, Bac Lieu people make fish sauce hotpot - a specialty that is enjoyed by most visitors. Fish sauce hotpot sounds hard to eat, but once you try this dish, it turns out the more you taste it, the more special and delicious the dish becomes.

Bac Lieu people use the resources of shrimp and fish to make a hot pot sauce that is so special that all visitors fall in love with. The ingenuity of the Bac Lieu fish sauce hotpot dish is created from the blending of Vietnamese - Khmer - Cham culture, thereby forming a dish that can not be found in other regions.

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Dried radish (Xá Pấu)

Dried radish (Xá Pấu)

As homeland to mandy Chinese people, Bac Lieu is partly influenced by the culinary culture of the Tieu people, also known as Chaozhou. One of the must-try dishes here is the xá pấu - dried white radish mixed with salt.

Xa Pau is an ingredient that can be processed into many other delicious dishes. Xá Pấu can be fried with duck eggs, mixed with sugar, vinegar, stew with pork rolls, or made into very attractive salads. Besides the above-mentioned dishes, it is indispensable to serve xấu pấu with white porridge.

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Năn bộp is a plant that grows in Bac Lieu's mangrove forests.

Năn bộp

People often say that when coming to Bac Lieu, năn bộp is one of the specialties that one should not ignore. Năn bộp it is a type of plant that grows in the mangrove fields of Bac Lieu. They gradually become one of the dishes attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

The năn bộp plant is divided into 3 different parts, but only the bud can be used as a dish. In order to make delicious dishes from năn bộp, the cook processes the bud and turn them into salad, soup,...

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White radish cake.

White radish cake

When being asked about the popular dishes of popular Bac Lieu, local people often mention with radish cake. A little strange aftertaste, a little pungence of the cake will make many people excited. Bac Lieu radish cake is suitable for breakfast, or appetizer.

To enjoy this specialty of Bac Lieu, you can visit specialty shops or local markets. Bac Lieu white radish cake has become so popular that anyone can easily find and buy when visiting this place.

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