Cambodian Student Experiences the Magic of Tet

For Chav Channy, a Cambodian student at the National Economics University, Vietnamese Tet is a warm and special occasion for international students like herself.
February 09, 2024 | 14:09

The Vietnam Times met with Chav Channy one day before the Lunar New Year holiday when she and her Cambodian friends were excitedly preparing the New Year's Eve meal at the house of her godmother, Mrs. Yos Bopha, President of the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association. Chav Channy is quite proactive and familiar in preparing the Vietnamese traditional dishes.

Chav Channy celebrated her first Tet in Vietnam in 2023. She attended the party to celebrate the New Year with her teachers and friends at Friendship School 80, received lucky money in red envelopes and good New Year wishes from the teachers. On this special occasion, she and her friends felt the warm atmosphere and care of the teachers and school for international students.

Also, during her first Vietnamese Tet, Chav Channy was invited by homeroom teacher Tran To Loan to her house in the ancient village of Duong Lam (Son Tay Town, Hanoi). She joined her teacher's family in preparing traditional Vietnamese dishes such as fried spring rolls, boiled chicken, pork sausage, sour sausage, braised pork…

Cambodian Student Experiences the Magic of Tet
Chav Channy fried spring rolls to prepare for the New Year's Eve dinner at her godmother's house. (Photo: Dinh Hoa)

"I'm not good at cooking, so at first I was very confused when I stepped into the kitchen. My teacher dedicatedly taught me how to prepare and decorate dishes beautifully and by the Tet atmosphere. I still feel very happy now when thinking about that day. It was the first time I experienced cooking traditional Vietnamese food. Even though I didn't do it very well, everyone always encouraged me and helped me be confident.

I really like the atmosphere of Vietnamese Tet in the kitchens. Here, the whole family gathers; everyone is busy preparing delicious dishes for their loved ones. At that time, the hardships and fatigue will be gone, but only joy and hope that your beloved ones will have many delicious and beautiful dishes to enjoy," said Chav Channy.

Chav Channy expressed her great passion for Vietnamese fried spring rolls. These little spring rolls pack all the fresh ingredients with eye-catching colors, and taste very crunchy and delicious. “I really hope to learn the secret to cooking this dish”, said Chav Channy.

Channy continues to celebrate the Year of Dragon 2024 in Vietnam. Her homesickness will lessen because she was invited by her godmother, Mrs. Yos Bopha, to celebrate Tet with her family.

"I hope to continue to experience many Vietnamese customs and traditions during Tet at my godmother's house. I also hope to be able to go to the Tet market and feel the bustling atmosphere, then choose to buy a beautiful small branch of peach blossoms."

In the new year, Chav Channy expressed her wishes to explore many famous places in Vietnam, learn many experiences from school and society to gain more knowledge.

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