Daily Horoscope for May 19: Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Daily Horoscope for May 19: Today’s second quarter moon in Leo urges you to take stock of your life. Make plans to release outdated sentiments with the hope of achieving more certainty. The moon can energize us and push us to attain our most important goals.
May 19, 2021 | 01:16
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Daily Planetary Overview

Since the moon is in Leo, we can expect it to lead to big, sweeping declarations that evoke our passions. What makes you happy? Where do you find joy? These are questions you’ll be contemplating during this luminary.

The moon enters Virgo this afternoon, urging us to analytically process the day’s events. You could even make a few groundbreaking revelations if you think about matters from a clear perspective.

Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn share a minor aspect that confers power on each one. This can add drama and authority to all communication because you’ll be asserting yourself and making sure that you’re heard by those who have ignored you in the past.

Being seen and understood is important, especially in the afternoon when the Virgo moon adds pizzazz to our emotions. Think before going off on someone, because it could cause more harm than good. The intention is to inspire change, but you could achieve the opposite effect.

Finally, Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius connect tonight, making us want to take social and financial matters seriously in contrast with the fun-loving Leo moon from earlier in the day.

Daily Zodiac Horoscope for May 19



The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are the trailblazers. Passionate and independent, Aries will never do something just because everyone else is doing it—a Ram needs to be 100 percent committed to the task at hand.

May 19, 2021 - You will have to rely on your analytical skills and steely self-control to navigate the stormy seas you find yourself in today, Aries. And there's no way to escape the stress. The worst pitfall facing you in your career or studies would be to doubt in your abilities. This is an opportunity to put your confidence to the test. Just make sure you pass it.



Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac. Amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, Taureans value honesty above all else and are proud that their personal relationships tend to be drama free.

May 19, 2021 - The astral configuration indicates that you may be interested in pursuing some kind of training, Taurus. Assess where you are in your professional life. Are you up to persuading people with your expertise? Don't think that you have to know more in order to be a good teacher. In fact, it's often by teaching that the teacher learns the subject.



Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Gemini is characterized by the Twins, Castor and Pollux, and is known for having two different sides they can display to the world. Expert communicators, Gemini is the chameleon of the Zodiac, adept at blending into different groups based on the vibe and energy they perceive.

May 19, 2021 - Do you have some drawings in a drawer, Gemini? Since last month, or possibly before, you've been thinking about your creative ability. You have a habit of turning your back on your skills, whether in drawing, photography, or writing, but they're in you nonetheless. People will expect more of you! All you have to do is take out a brush or pen and you will be on your way.



Emotional, intuitive, and practically psychic; ruled by the moon and characterized by the crab, Cancer has so much going on in its watery depths. Cancers may seem prickly and standoffish at the first meeting, once they make the decision to become friends with someone, that person has a friend for life.

May 19, 2021 - One last, concerted effort and you will be able to get to the root of a problem that has been on your mind for a while now. The answer to the question concerning your identity isn't entirely to be found in your family history, Cancer. You're part of a generation as well as a family. Both influence your responses.



Bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous, fire sign Leois a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way. Blessed with high self-esteem, Lions know that they possess enviable traits—and they're proud of them.

May 19, 2021 - You've been doing a lot of cleaning up and clearing out. Since this project has been going on for several years now, you must be doing a particularly thorough job. Finally, it seems as if you're getting things straight with your karma. Today will be a big day, Leo. You may be able to leave part of your childhood behind, as at last you understand that it's ancient history.



Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they're going to do today isn't a drag it makes them feel in control and secure.

May 19, 2021 - Sometimes you have to go back to square one if you want a situation to get better, Virgo. This can be frustrating or even humiliating, but if the goal is to have a solid foundation on which to rebuild, it's well worth it! Don't get too attached to your professional past. You have to advance and you're too weighed down now. Let go!



Intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves, Libras value harmony in all forms. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra adores a life that looks good. As the master of compromise and diplomacy, Libra is adept at seeing all points of view and excels at crafting compromises and effecting mediation between others.

May 19, 2021 - A moment will come when you can no longer fight against the current transformation you're going through in your professional life, Libra. The system that you live in will soon put you at a kind of impasse, but this won't necessarily be unpleasant. However, you will be obliged to change paths whether you like it or not. You will probably want to!



Passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze their own trail no matter what others think, Scorpios make a statement wherever they go. They love debates, aren't afraid of controversy, and won't back down from a debate.

May 19, 2021 - You won't allow yourself to get sidetracked by minor things today, Scorpio. You will get straight to the heart of the matter. There's some likelihood that you haven't considered your working conditions and instead you're concentrating on the goal you've set for yourself. When you set a goal, you're a force to be reckoned with!



Independent and strong-willed, Sagittarius personalities are all about going off the beaten path. Sagittarius isn’t afraid to step away from the pack and is a natural-born leader who goes after what he or she wants, regardless of what other people think.

May 19, 2021 - About two weeks ago, it may have occurred to you that you should be making more of an effort to advance your career, Sagittarius. If so, it will be easier for you to accept today's constraints, as there is some probability that you will need to perform at your highest level. Be careful not to lose yourself in the attempt!



Smart, hardworking, and fully in control of their destiny, a Capricorn will always get what they set their mind to, in both personal and professional life—no excuses. Capricorns may get a reputation as stubborn, but they simply know what they want, and also know how they wish other people would behave.

May 19, 2021 - Your light, breezy spirit may have some trouble harmonizing with today's prevailing mood. Usually when you're cornered, you're able to find a way to squirm to safety. Today you may run out of clever maneuvers. Even though you face the day's challenges alone and unaided, you survive them the same way. Good for you!



Independent and enigmatical, Aquarians are unique. There is no one quite like an Aquarius, and because each is so incredibly individual, it can be tough to describe them as a group. Aquarians don't like labels, and may shy away from any adjective—even the good ones you might bestow upon them.

May 19, 2021 - What a day, Aquarius! Whether at work or at home, you may find yourself choosing between two options, both of which stem from anxiety! You may decide to vanquish your doubts by burying yourself in your work. If so, you can expect to expend a great deal of energy. Or you may react with indifference, and the apathy will cost you just as much. The situation will improve in a few days.



Smart, creative, and deeply intuitive, Pisces can be close to psychic. Pisces feel things deeply and have incredibly strong gut reactions. A Pisces "knows" things from deep within, and can often judge whether a person or situation is good or bad.

May 19, 2021 - It's often said that your energy feeds on strong emotions. Situations that require some daring are an excellent source of such excitement. This is the key to understanding the day ahead, Pisces. True, you can expect some hair-raising encounters, but how better to show off your skills as either an employee or passionate partner?

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