Don't Let Sleepiness Ruin Your "Deadline Season"

Having to race against time, under high pressure, and heavy workload to complete work results of the first quarter, many employees face exhaustion and sleep deprivation. What is their secret to quickly regaining energy and concentration?

As the first quarter of 2023 is almost over, most employees have to increase their working hours and capacity to complete their tasks on time, ensure their progress and be ready to conquer the yearly target. However, many people cannot quickly adapt to the workload and pressure of the first period of the year, leading to an alarming situation of fatigue, exhaustion, and loss of concentration.

During this period, most of the staff's work pressure increased many times compared to other periods of the year as they have to both develop, prepare and implement the plans. They must always be flexible and focused to quickly adapt and vigilantly decide at important moments. However, the overlapping of tasks and the deadline for handing over and completing first-quarter targets leave them in a constant race against time.

Early Deadline Season and sleep deprivation
The deadline for handing over the first quarter results puts pressure on many employees.

Many employees are choosing to work overtime and at night to deal with the busy days at the beginning of the year. However, its dense frequency makes it difficult for them to maintain their energy and stay sharp. Prolonged sleepiness makes them unable to concentrate and perform their best. This is understandable because they are supposed to relax after eight hours of hard work. When the circadian rhythm is changed, the body responds with sleepiness.

The circadian rhythm is how the body controls the sleep-wake cycle and the brain's response to darkness. As the night falls, the cells slow down and a hormone stimulates sleepiness so that sleep happens in the most natural way. This hormone peaks around 2-4 am then declines in the morning, allowing us to wake up.

First Quarter "Deadline Season" and Obsession with Sleepiness
Many solutions are sought and applied to overcome sleepiness when working at night.

Working overtime or at night means changing the circadian rhythm to ensure work results. However, fighting against distracting sleepiness, and lack of vigilance at work is never easy. Listening to music, moving the body, and washing the face are among the ways that many people use when facing this situation. Those methods, however, only have a short-term effect.

Encountering a similar situation, Phan Hoang (28 years old), a program developer at a technology company in Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi said he had to constantly sit at the computer for a long time, focusing on developing and researching new apps for his customers and managing projects.

In the early months, when many projects of new customers poured in, he had to research project information and make development plans and implementation directions. Meanwhile, he has to ensure that all the ongoing projects follow the schedule. The sudden increase in workload caused his team to continuously work overtime and bear heavy pressure on the progress and quality of the work. On peak days, he has to stay up until 2-3 am to finish the work.

First Quarter "Deadline Season" and Obsession with Sleepiness
Number 1 Energy Drink is trusted by many people to help regain strength and alertness immediately.

Hoang's colleague introduced him to Number 1 Energy Drink, which helps immediately regain strength and alertness. "I was surprised by the benefits of Number 1 Energy Drink," he said.

"Though I have tried many ways to combat sleepiness, I haven't found anything effective. There are days when I stay up until 3 am, in the next day, I am always in a slothful state and cannot handle my work well. A bottle of Number 1 Energy Drink boosts my energy and sharpness to handle my work more effectively. Now not only me but my colleagues also start to choose Number 1 Energy Drink for the busiest days when we need the highest concentration."

Besides Hoang, many people in other professions trust Number 1 Energy Drink and recognize the product's effectiveness. Number 1 Energy Drink is considered a representative of "strength" and "wakefulness" to help employees overcome challenges to improve performance and complete excellent work, even when they have to work at night.

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