Free Documentaries by 10 European Countries Presented in Hanoi

The European-Vietnamese Documentary Film Festival 2022 will open from June 3
June 02, 2022 | 08:24

Hanoi is scheduled to host the annual Vietnamese-European Documentary Film Festival from June 3 to June 12, announced the press conference on May 30.

Watch Free Documentaries of 10 European Countries in Hanoi
At the press conference on May 30.

The event will see entries from 10 European countries, specifically Austria, Belgium (Wallonia - Brussels), France, Italy, Germany, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, the Republic of Czech, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

During the 10-day festival, audiences will be given the chance to watch documentaries showcasing both Vietnam and other participating countries, many of which have won international awards.

The themes which will be on show are diverse, such as leaving the countryside to the city, responding to climate change, and changing one's mindset and attitude towards actual social developments, as well as portraits of actors and actresses.

Movies include Vietnamese Tea Talk (Vietnam), Molecore (Italy), Fairy Tales in Rao Tre Village (Vietnam), The Uncertain Kingdom (the UK), Hanoi Old Street Storyteller (Vietnam), De Chaque Instant (France), Behind the Aura (Vietnam), Petit Samedi (the Wallonie- Bruxelles Delegation (Belgium)), Northern Village Temple (Vietnam), Helmut Lachemann-My Way (Germany), Unlimited battle (Vietnam), New shift (Czech), Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh ( Vietnam), Save The Village (Austria), Guerilla Girl of Huong River (Vietnam), Omega (Spain), Reviving Lands (Vietnam), A Common Goal (Israel), Two Hands (Vietnam), and Nobel Citizen (Switzerland).

In particular, the film “Plains of resurrection” by Vietnamese director Do Huyen Trang is a journey to overcome the orange consequences of the chemical war carried out by the US imperialists in South Vietnam in the years 1961-1971. The treatment of areas contaminated with dioxin toxic chemicals is always an urgent task placed on the top priority by the Party and State of Vietnam and needs the cooperation and support of the social community as well as other stakeholders, and international organizations.

The film "Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh" directed by Tran Phuong Thuy and Trinh Quang Tung talks about Holy Mother Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortal deities of Vietnamese mythology and the meaning of the Mother Goddess worship.

Watch Free Documentaries of 10 European Countries in Hanoi
Snapshot of the trailer of the Vietnamese-European Documentary Film Festival.

The film "Fairy tale in Rao Tre village" by director Nguyen Van Kiem tells about the journey to bring the Chut ethnic group in Rao Tre village, Ha Tinh province from the state of extinction to the outside world.

"Hanoi Old Street Storyteller", a film directed by Hoang Dung, helps viewers discover an increasingly modern and civilized Hanoi, but still traditional traditional values ​​and cultural features that are often overlooked, has become the sediment of the capital.

With the film "Northern Village Temple", director Dao Duc Thanh brought to the film festival one of the symbols of Vietnamese villages, which is the communal house - a bond that creates a close relationship in the village community where folk art flourishes and shines, the peaceful wishes of the people are conveyed through each carving.

The film "Two hands" by director Dang Thi Linh tells about the life and career of painter Nguyen Sang, one of the greatest artist of Vietnamese art.

Meanwhile, the film “Unlimited war” by Vietnamese Meritorious Artist Nguyen Quang Tuan and Nguyen Anh Ngoc depicts images of dedicated front-line forces against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The annual film festival, to be co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), is to further strengthen cultural exchanges between Vietnam and European countries.

There will be also exchanges and dialogues held between various film-makers and Vietnamese audiences to explore contemporary filmmaking trends in international integration.

In addition, the film festival will introduce famous works in the world, such as “Petit Samedi” from Belgium, “Helmut Lachemann-My Way” from Germany the Spanish film “Omega,” and so on.

Classic music-lovers will want to check out the documentary film about the composer Helmut Lachenmann, born 1935 in Stuttgart who has been influenced contemporary music worldwide for more than 50 years.

He became famous for his 'Musique Concrète Instrumentale' - a unique kind of "noise music", in which violinists make bold sounds from all parts of the instrument, trumpets are played with crackling baking paper and horns filled with water.

In order to bring to the audience an unique experience of Lachenmann's music, the Goethe-Institute will invite cellist Tran Hong Nhung under the guidance of Lucas Fels, who is now the world's leading new music artist, to perform an excerpt of the piece “Pression ".

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