Happy Woman’s Day: Meaningful Flowers For Your Loved Ones

Fresh flowers are always the first choices as gifts for important events. On this Woman’s Day of this year, if you are short on ideas of what to buy for your wife or mother, a bouquet of colorful and beautiful flowers will definitely win their hearts.
March 06, 2022 | 18:16

International Women's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women.

It is also a focal point in the women's rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

With International Woman’s Day coming close, a lot of men are having a difficult time looking for a suitable gift for their beloved wives, girlfriends, or mothers.

Even though flowers wither and will not live a very long time, they are still the number one choice for important days or events that honor women such as International Women’s Day (March 8), Vietnamese Woman’s Day (October 20), or Valentine’s Day (February 14).

Fresh flowers often symbolize the beauty of women: Gorgeous, elegant, and a little bit fragile.

That is why they are mostly picked with a beautiful card to give to a mother, girlfriend, or wife on this special day.

Here are some of the best kinds of flowers with deep meanings that you can consider buying for your loved ones, and show them your love and appreciation.

Flowers for beloved mothers

1. Daisies

Photo: Florart
Photo: Florart

Daisies are not only beautiful, but they also carry special meaning.

In Vietnam, the folklore of daisies ymbolizes the love and gratitude of the children towards their parents for raising and teaching them.

These flowers are also a symbol of longevity and happiness. With a round shape and bright golden color, daisy flowers bring luck to people who receive them.

Many people give their mothers a gorgeous bouquet of daisy flowers, wishing longevity and happiness for their beloved moms. There are a variety of daisy kinds for you to choose from, but some of them are only used in special events, so you should ask florists first before buying.

2. Roses

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Roses might be the popular kind of flowers that are always “out of stock” in important events.

Roses can carry many beautiful meanings. They are not only used in Valentine's time, but they are also suitable as a gift for your mother on International Woman’s Day.

If you are looking for buying the prettiest rose flowers to surprise your mothers, you can choose the ones with red, white, and pink colors. Red is for gratitude towards the mothers, white shows respect, and pink with yellow symbolizes love, caring, and deep appreciation.

3. Lotus

Photo: Still Blog
Photo: Still Blog

When talking about the sacred beauty of the Lotus, Vietnamese people have long described it as “grows near the mud, but is never stained.”

Lotus is not only chosen as the national flower of the country, but it also symbolizes the grace and elegance of Vietnamese women.

Lotus will be a very meaningful, delicate, and lovely gift for your mothers on International Women’s Day, and also show your gratitude and love for them.

4. Orchid

Photo: The Sill
Photo: The Sill

In recent years, orchids are becoming more and more popular among flower lovers.

Many people impulsively buy orchids because they see beautiful pictures of them on social media, some choose these flowers to decorate their homes, and some give them as a meaningful and beautiful gift. Orchids are a symbol of fertility, growth, development, and sustainability.

Little do people know that orchids also symbolizes the appreciation, love, and respect towards the mothers for their births and the upbringings of children.

5. Clove pink

Photo: Dear Plants
Photo: Dear Plants

If the orchid is considered “the most beautiful flower” to be used as a gift for Woman’s Day, clover pink is the most traditional.

When International Woman’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis, she sent 500 bouquets of white clove pinks for the mothers who went to the local churches.

From that day, clove pinks became a symbol for March 8, symbolizing the quality of a mother: Purity, Fidelity, Love, and Beauty.

Pink glove pink flowers represent gratitude and love. The white ones signify admiration. If you are still wondering what flowers to choose on March 8 for your mother, glove pinks are the best.

Flowers for wives and girlfriends

1. Roses

Photo: Florca Westland
Photo: Florca Westland

Roses have always been considered the flower of love, which is why it is the first choice for important events such as Woman’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Young men will buy their girlfriends or wives the biggest and most beautiful fresh roses from a florist store. The bigger the roses are, the more expensive they can be, but their gorgeous beauty is worth all the costs.

The red, light pink or blue pink roses are the best choices to give to your wives and girlfriends on Woman’s Day.

2. Sunflowers

Photo: Etsy
Photo: Etsy

Sunflowers have a bright, stunning yellow color, and always face the sunshine, which symbolizes warm love, honesty, loyalty, determination, and commitment l.

Meanwhile, sunflowers also mean admiration and gratitude. A big bouquet of freshly cut, carefully chosen sunflowers will be the best gift for your beloved wife or lover, expressing your undying love and appreciation for them.

3. Lillies

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Each different variety of lily holds a different meaning. But the most common meaning is purity and fertility.

The sweet and innocent beauty of the lilly flower has given it the association of new life and rebirth.

Pink lillies stand for love, femininity, and admiration. So they’re the perfect gift for your favorite female friends and family members when they need a little confidence boost or pick-me-up.

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