In photos: Colorful Hanoi Old Quarter as Mid-Autumn Festival draws near

These days, Hang Ma Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) is packed with tourists to shop, take photos and enjoy the festive ambiance as the Mid- Autumn Festival is approaching.
September 16, 2020 | 10:48
ethnic children in mountainous region celebrate mid autumn festival early Ethnic children in mountainous region celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival early
phung hung mural street hanoi lights up for mid autumn festival Phung Hung mural street (Hanoi) lights up for Mid-Autumn Festival
us ambassador celebrates mid autumn festival with vietnamese disabled children US Ambassador celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Vietnamese disabled children
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Photo VTC News

Mid-Autumn Festival is enjoyed by Vietnamese people throughout the country especially children since it is an occasion for them to enjoy lion dances, enjoy mooncakes, and light up the night with colorful lanterns, according to VTC News.

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Photo: Haiquanonline

Hang Ma Street is the most preferred destination during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The place sells a wide range of toys, star-shaped lanterns, paper masks of animals, etc.

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Children are incredibly excited to hold toys on their hands. Photo: VTC News
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Children are incredibly excited to hold toys on their hands. Photo: VTC News
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The princess headbands are always favorite items of the little girls. Photo: VTC News
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A parent is wearing a colorful mask for her daughter. Photo: VTC News
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A closer look of sparkling Hang Ma Street at night Photo: VTC News
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An old woman sells traditional toys Photo: VTC News
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The price of a star-shaped lantern like this is VND20000 (US$0.8) Photo: VTC News

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Multi-shaped and colorful toys gloriously adorn the beauty of Hanoi Old Quarter. Photo: Haiquanonline
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Small drums are also favored by children. Photo: VTC News
In photos: Colorful Hanoi Old Quarter as Mid Autumn Festival draws near
Animal shape lantern, star lantern are the favorite gifts for the mid-Autumn festival. Photo:
In photos: Colorful Hanoi Old Quarter as Mid Autumn Festival draws near
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Hang Ma Street during the Mid-Autumn Festival attracts the influx of photographers to capture its beautiful scenery. Photo: VTC News
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The little girls are carried on their fathers’ shoulders. It takes about 50 minutes to stroll around the 350-meter-long Hang Ma Street amidst the crowded people. Photo: VTC News
Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam (or Vietnamese Full moon Festival) takes place on the full moon night (15th of the Lunar August), the most charming and picturesque night of the year. The festival involves the customs of moon contemplating, the procession of star and moon-shaped lanterns, lion dance, as well as holding parties with moon cakes and fruits, reported Vietnam Discovery.
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