"Lonely" Tree Check-in Spots Attract Young Travelers

Beautiful trees standing alone are now trendy spots for shutterbugs. Here are some of the most popular places across Vietnam to find them.
August 06, 2022 | 08:55

Young people call them “lonely trees”, and these unique “check-in” places go viral on social media in no time because they are the perfect backgrounds for a photoshoot.

Suoi Vang Lake and Cau Dat Tea Hill, Dalat City

Dalat is a dreamy place that welcomes you all year round, and it is also famous for its melancholy look. In Dalat, there are two very well-known lonely trees, the first one is located near Suoi Vang Lake, and the second one is near Cau Dat Tea Hill.

Photo: Tibisao
Photo: Tibisao

These two lonely trees are familiar check-in places for young people when traveling to Dalat. If the scene at the lonely tree by Suoi Vang lake has a lyrical beauty with green steppe and clear lake, the lonely pine tree at Tea Hill has a lovely “chubby” appearance.

Photo: @m.i.a.oo

The pine tree which made the site well-known stands in solitude in the middle of an empty grass field just off the bank of the lake. In order to access the area, so you must drive about an hour from the city and take a forest trail into the area.

Despite having different beauty, the common point of both lonely trees in Da Lat is that they create super beautiful backgrounds, which produces a series of gorgeous and mysterious photos that attract thousands of likes on social media.

Ha Cang village, Hue

The peaceful Ha Cang village is located in Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province. This is also the place where the famous film, “Mat Biec” made by Victor Vu, was filmed. It is also here that the film version of Do Do village comes out of the story. And from there, a "new movie star" in the virtual town was born: Mat Biec tree.

Photo: Ngoisao VN
Photo: Ngoisao VN

This place has become the favorite “check-in” place in Hue. You need to move to Ha Cang Hue village and then return to Chua village, ask the locals about the tree from the movie "Mat Biec" and you will be guided very enthusiastically.

Lap An Lagoon, Hue

Lap An lagoon, one of the most famous destinations in Hue, is located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, near 1A Highway. The image of a dead tree branch lying next to the raft creates a special highlight in the immense river scene.

Photo: Vietnam Timeless Charm
Photo: Vietnam Timeless Charm

When it comes to pictures, the unique features of the virtual living angles here make people immediately fall in love. It is the simplicity and solitude of the scene that make up the most gorgeous photos of this place.

Photo: Chudu24
Photo: Chudu24

Can Ty commune, Ha Giang

This lonely tree in the North is appearing more and more in travel groups on Facebook. This tree is located in Can Ty commune, near Lao Chai kindergarten, Ha Giang.

Photo: Luxtour

To get to this unique Ha Giang tourist destination, when traveling on the road from Quan Ba ​​to Yen Minh, remember to choose the newly remodeled road called Happiness.

Many young people, not only tourists and backpackers but also local bikers stopping to take pictures with the lonely tree of Ha Giang. It makes great memories for your bike trip in the Northern region.

Hang Dong commune, Ta Xua

At the top of Wind, Hang Dong, Son La appeared a lonely docynia tree. Standing tall at the craggy Ta Xua spine, the docynia tree is sought after by many young people when they come to the Northwest highlands. Even though the wind and storm in the mountains, the tree is still full of life. No matter which season it is, tourists can still capture the most alluring pictures.

Photo: Lao Dong
Photo: Lao Dong

You can try sitting down under the tree and look around the view, admiring the whole majestic sky with thick layers of white clouds floating dreamily.

Tri Ton village, An Giang

An Giang is a province with many famous tourist destinations. Coming here, the first thing tourists see are the lines of green palm trees. But the one that attracts them most is the heart-shaped lonely palm tree, which is located in Tri Ton, An Giang.


This is both a specialty tree of An Giang country and a lonely tree that is most known in the West of the river. Several palm trees grow side by side forming a very unique heart-shaped foliage, creating the perfect background.

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