Lost in the Na Hang Tua Chu Bamboo Forest in the Northwest of Vietnam

Bamboo forest in Na Hang Tua Chu - Lung Luong commune - Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai is a new place with the tourists which definitely impresses you at the first sight.
September 19, 2020 | 08:43
mu cang chais splendid scene in the harvest season Mu Cang Chai's splendid scene in the harvest season
mu cang chai in golden rice season a feast for the eyes Mu Cang Chai in golden rice season, a feast for the eyes
yen bai warms up mu cang chai terraced field festival Yen Bai warms up Mu Cang Chai Terraced Field Festival
4304 bamboo 1
Photo: Ngo Anh

If you plan have impressive photo with Arashiyama bamboo grove, a famous attraction in Kyoto, Japan but Covid-19 prevents you from traveling to Japan, Na Hang Tua Chu bamboo forest in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai is an alternative.

4321 bamboo 09
Arashiyama bamboo grove. Photo: Flickr

This 60-year-old bamboo forest has planted and cared by the locals. You walk deeper into the forest; you will be surrounded by green bamboos stabbing straight into the blue sky. Just close your eyes take a deep breath and listen to the rustle of wind and chirps of bird, all of your burden will be swept away.

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Photo: luhanhvietnam
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Photo: Ngo Anh

Though the forest owns an eye-catching beauty, not many people know about it as people mostly travel to Mu Cang Chai to view ripen rice terraces.

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Photo: Ngo Anh

Another reason is that it is quite difficult to reach there because the road to the forest is very small and quite zigzag. Therefore, you should be careful to ensure safety when you decide to ride there by your own.

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Photo: luhanhvietnam

The forest is quite large so you do not worry about that someone else can be captured in your photo shoot

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Photo: luhanhvietnam

You only need to prerare some historical customes, you will have an impressive album.

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Photo: luhanhvietnam
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