Love For Nation And Humanity In President Ho Chi Minh's Humanistic Thought

As a revolutionary leader, President Ho Chi Minh's love for his people and the world knows no bounds.
November 14, 2023 | 12:19
Love For Nation And Humanity In President Ho Chi Minh's Humanistic Thought
President Ho Chi Minh visited the elderly in Pac Bo (Spring of 1961). Photo: Documentary

President Ho Chi Minh's boundless love for the people and nation of Vietnam is his understanding and sympathy for the suffering of people oppressed and exploited by colonialism and imperialism.

He advocated finding the right path to save the country and resolutely fighting to liberate all working classes from slavery.

He wrote, "I only have one desire, the ultimate desire is to make our country completely independent, our people completely free, all compatriots have food to eat, clothes to wear, anyone can study."

Caring wholeheartedly for the people's lives, but not considering it as a favor, is the difference between a leader of the people and feudal kings. In Ho Chi Minh's humanistic thought, love for the people is always associated with altruism and respect.

President Ho Chi Minh advised cadres and party members to love and respect the people.

He severely criticized the bureaucratic and overbearing attitude. Among the six things he taught the People's Public Security force, one teaching was to be respectful and polite to the people.

He helped people see the need to elevate human souls and dignity, making each person confident in themselves, holding their heads high and not bending their knees. The tolerant, kind, altruistic nature, humility, and simple lifestyle have essentially enhanced the humanistic values of President Ho Chi Minh.

For President Ho Chi Minh, love and tolerance are two inseparable contents.

According to him, each individual can only exist and develop within the protective embrace of the collective and community.

If people have compassion, tolerance, and respect for the smallest goodness within each person, they can gather a large number of forces to participate in building the country.

He wrote "For those who have bad habits, except those who rebel against the Fatherland and the people, we must also help them make progress by making the good part in people flourish to repel the evil part."

This way of thinking allows Ho Chi Minh to reach a comprehensive view of the human being, which is the basis for him to understand, sympathize and worry about people.

Ho Chi Minh's love, compassion, and tolerance for our compatriots and our people is boundless. His love has room for everyone, from great men and national heroes to ordinary people, from the most outstanding people to those who make mistakes but know how to do better, from ethnic minorities in the mountains to the lowlands.

President Ho Chi Minh always guided and encouraged everyone to move forward, correct mistakes, and improved themselves.

His love and kindness and compassion are aimed at the goal of serving people and human progress.

With that loving heart, he encouraged and supported people, helped cadres and party members recognize and correct mistakes, and strive for good. All are aimed at national unity, harmony, and bringing together peoples in a peaceful and compassionate world.

Listening to Uncle Ho's teachings. Photo: Archives
Listening to Uncle Ho's teachings. Photo: Archives

President Ho Chi Minh is the typical embodiment of a revolutionary soldier with an international proletarian spirit.

He has a great love for humanity around the world. His love is immense, shared with oppressed peoples, regardless of whether they are black or white.

In a letter sent to the French people and to French mothers, he wrote "With regards to humanity, French or Vietnamese blood is the same, French and Vietnamese are both human."

President Ho Chi Minh cultivated and eliminated hatred between peoples, building a world of peace, without war. It is the pioneering revolutionary ideology, the spirit of international solidarity and the immense compassion of the communists that have brought the nations together:

Love for the nation, humanity, and for people is one of the great legacies that President Ho Chi Minh left for future generations.

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