Moc Chau Travel Tips for October

Moc Chau does not have canola flowers or plum blossoms in October, but this place is still a destination chosen and loved by many people because of its many attractive tourist attractions, delicacies, and souvenirs.
November 02, 2022 | 13:00

Noteworthy tourist destinations

The heart-shaped tea hill has just opened to welcome guests in Moc Chau. This tourist destination is not only green but also has a relatively beautiful viewing position with beautiful scenery. The tea hill is located at the foot of the slope of sub-zone 68, quite close to the road leading to the grassland 68 Moc Chau.

When the rain stopped, the waterfalls began to flow gently. This combined with the golden rays of autumn sunlight will give visitors beautiful photos of the poetic landscape. Some famous waterfalls in Moc Chau include Nang Tien waterfall, Dai Yem waterfall, and Ta Nang waterfall.

Moc Chau Travel Tips for October
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The pedestrian street and Moc Chau night market have just been completed. They are part of the first phase of the overall development of tourist facilities at this place.

The new night market has been opened to welcome guests from August 28, 2022. This market is very beautiful, luxurious, and spacious.

Currently, Van Ho district has 2 fairs serving tourists: Chieng Di 2 market is located in Chieng Di 2 village, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district. The market is located in the area between the football field and Vigolando restaurant. This will be a place for tourists to buy local specialties of the Hmong and Thai people on holidays and every weekend. Visitors can also come here to enjoy Northwest cuisine and play the traditional games of the H'mong people.

Chieng Di night market is located in Chieng Di 1 village, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district. To come here, visitors can find Green Farm, then turn to the small road behind the green farm and ask for directions to the market. The market sells agricultural products and indigenous foods prepared by the Dao. Every weekend, artists come to perform at the market. Guests can enjoy Northwest cuisine while listening to music in a mountainous atmosphere.

Moc Chau Travel Tips for October
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Moc Chau Island tourist area is gradually being completed with new tourist facilities such as a train hotel, glamping campsite, and indoor entertainment area. In addition, the Moc Chau Island glass bridge is still a highlight that attracts many tourists

Phoenix Pine forest in Ang village is also one of the destinations not to be missed in the Moc Chau travel itinerary. This is both a great check-in point and an entertainment place for young people.

Delicious delicacies

In addition to popular dishes such as veal, stream fish, salmon, goat meat, and pork, this season Moc Chau begins to sell novelty dishes such as taro and cauliflower.

Hot pot of all kinds is also an attractive and delicious dish this season. Veal hot pot is a delicious dish that anyone can eat. In the cold season, Moc Chau milk cassava cake is not only a warm choice but also extremely delicious, greasy, and fragrant. This dish is so attractive because it is made from cassava, combined with fresh milk, and coconut milk. This season, Moc Chau enters the harvest of convex navel oranges - carats. These are new varieties of oranges that are seedless, sweet, fragrant, crunchy, and beautiful.

Moc Chau Travel Tips for October
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Places to stay

Moc Chau has a variety of accommodation types for tourists. From beautiful small homestays, and community houses on stilts, to resorts, mid-range, and high-class hotels.

- Some notable luxury hotels to visit are Muong Thanh Moc Chau, Thao Nguyen Resort, The Nordic Van Ho, and Moc Chau Train Hotel.

- Mid-Range Hotels: Manh Tuan, Moc Chau Ecogaden, and Moc Suong Hotel.

- Resorts close to nature: Moc Chau Retreat, Moc Chau Cottage Homestay, Homestay Island Garden, and Wind House.

- Budget homestay: Achu Homestay, Viet Hac Moc Chau Homestay, Moc Chau Ecohouse, and homestays in Vat and Ang villages

Souvenirs worth buying

Milk candy and Moc Chau tea are indispensable gifts. Dried fruit is a good choice for those who like to snack and eat sweets. Honey, black garlic, cordyceps, jiaogulan, and stevia are suitable for people who care about health.

The weather starts to turn cold in October. When tourists come to Moc Chau, they should bring thin coats, towels, and socks to keep their bodies warm. It is recommended to book the service before eating, sleeping, and resting. Tickets can also be booked in advance to receive more discounts.

Moc Chau Travel Tips for October
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