Mystical Sa Pa in the season of clouds

Natural mist and clouds are the unique traits of Sa Pa (Lao Cai), one of the most tourism hub in the north of Vietnam in November.
November 07, 2020 | 22:26
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Adventurers often choose to visit Sa Pa from October to March to hunt for the vast white sea of clouds that covers the whole mountainous town. (Photo: Zing News)
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Fansipan mount is a popular choice among the young. Not only a famous cloud hunting site, Fansipan is also the highest mount in Indochina. (Photo: Zing News)
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Hang Da village is a remote cloud-hunting site in Sa Pa. In this location lies a dangerous rocky lodge, which couples often choose to take pre-wedding photos. (Photo: Zing News)
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Lao Than mount of 2.863 meters above sea level attracts tourists who love trekking. From October to March, the mount is covered in white clouds, creating a heavenly scene. (Photo: Zing News)
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It is often said that the cloud-hunting season is Sa Pa's most beautiful period in the year. (Photo: Yan News)
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Sa Pa offers visitors numerous unique check-in backgrounds. (Photo: Yan News)
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It is highly recommended that you carefully check the weather forecast before starting your Sa Pa trip, as the frequency of clouds heavily depends on the weather. (Photo: Yan News)
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Autumn decorates Sa Pa with a misty, romantic look. (Photo: Yan News)
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